Isaiah 54 (NIV), a song of hope. By Fabian Massa.

54 "You, barren woman who has never given birth,Shouts of joy!You who never had labor pains,Bursts into song and shout for joy!Because more children than the marriedthe desolateSays the LORD.2 Enlarge the place of your tent,and out the curtains of your dwelling.Do not limit yourself!Lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.3 For left to right and you will spread;your descendants evicted nations,and will people the desolate cities.

In this passage the Lord speaks to Jerusalem, whom he compares to a barren woman. You can study the passage from many different angles, such is the richness of the Word! But this time, I want to focus on a few basic concepts.
In biblical times, infertility was seen as a lack of God's favor, as "anger of Heaven." A barren woman could become rejected by her husband and was teased and offense (1 Sam. 1.7, Lk. 1.36). In those days, there was nothing they could do a barren woman in forces to change their situation. So we take the passage as teaching how to proceed against the impossible, in situations in which we are powerless, you do not give fruit (sterility), where we have no chance of doing something for our forces.
But God says: You can not give the fruit you crave, you are unable to achieve everything, you never had the joy of seeing your efforts crowned with success, forgone natural reality (which is real and undeniable) as only possibility. God teaches us to "broaden our minds, to consider the possibilities from our limitations, but from the supernatural to the Kingdom. God tells us: ... out the curtains of your room: let your imagination run wild, dream a different reality, rejoice in that dream, hope for the best, because God made us like Him (Gen. 1.26), with the ability to dream and to call things that are not to be (Rom. 4.17) "!
God also tells us not to limit, but to work to strengthen our strengths (stakes) while we are free to dream a little further our chances (lengthen the strings).
God is our Father, and wants to hear our dreams. Praying is simply enter the Kingdom Hall and talk with Him Tell your impossible confíale your anguish, suggest your dreams. He will work, the mold and you the enhanced return.
Rejoice in your dreams, because therein lies the hope, trust in Him and He will.


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