The Truth Shall Set You Free. By Fabian Massa.

Knowing the truth brings freedom

Jesus was teaching a group of religious Jews who had come to believe in him and said:

-If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Jn. 8.31 - 32

This brief passage contains many great truths:

I. To be a disciple of Jesus also believe in Him is to follow his teachings.

II. Knowing the truth is more than knowing the letter of the Word. The Greek verb translated "know" is ginwsko (ginosko) that means knowing absolutely, total depth, intimately. It is very interesting that the same verb used in Matthew 1.25 to say that Joseph did not know intimately to Mary until after Jesus was born. You can set here an interesting parallel to marriage: In the same way that when a man "knows" his wife intimately, ie joins her in "one flesh" (and thus one spirit) giving birth to children (new life), and the disciple who has intimate communion with the Word (thus discovering the Truth) is one spirit with Christ, then have a renewed life.

III. Jesus teaches religious be free [from sin, error (including errors in ministering and teaching) of all that prevents them from living in holiness and power of the Kingdom] when they understand the "spirit", ie the intention that God gave the Word.

IV. Jesus, who was anointed by far the most of all time, did not use his anointing to impart understanding, but sent them to meditate on Scripture searching deep intimacy knowledge of Truth.

Treasures of wisdom:
A true disciple of Jesus is the one who remains in his teaching
What brings freedom is not the letter of the Word, but the spirit entendiminto (Intent) that God gave
What brings freedom is the anointing of the teacher, but knowing the Truth
A true man of God is no cult of the anointing, but the Truth.


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