The Kingdom of God. Part II. By Fabian Massa.

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Among us. Luke 10 (New International Version)

Jesus sends out the seventy-two1 After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was going.Importantly, for the Jews, seventy-two people are a symbolism of "People", I believe the message would be: "Jesus not only sent the apostles (Today would be" Shepherds ") but also elected from among the other disciples to seventy-two (today could be members of the Church who are committed)The disciples had been sent by the Master, filled with the power of the kingdom and the power was shut up in the name of Jesus. It is so beautiful to go to meet this mandate. In the churches there is a lot of activity, especially in the large: many meetings, many classes, to which must be added the normal activity of each, such as work, study, home or a combination of the three. The risk is then filled with meetings within the church and running out of time to do what Jesus commanded, as the needy announce that "The Kingdom of Heaven" is close to or have time to "dive" in Scripture.So if you do not select either activities or not given the time, but many things do not do what you have to do, and so one loses the focus of the question; faith is "cooling" and one runs the risk of becoming a "Religious".

I had the privilege of being sent sometimes to visit the sick and pray for them. I will tell you three testimonies which saw the mighty hand of God:

First case 

Once, a couple of years ago, a Saturday afternoon we phoned our pastor, to ask my wife and me that we were to visit a couple who had their littlest child (7 or 8 months) internship in the intensive care unit at Children's Hospital of Vicente Lopez. The request was urgent, because according to the pediatrician and head of the Intensive Care Hospital, the little boy had left only hours old and parents were having a terrible time. So I quickly went there and talked a little with parents. In these situations there is little that can be said, so we present to Jesus and the plan of salvation and invite you to pray for the baby.Parents asked permission to medical therapy so I could go and pray for the little one. The doctor agreed and gave me two minutes. I went into the room, I sanitize and made me put the gown, gloves and mask. The baby was a beautiful chubby, was sleeping (pharmacologically induced) and all tubing. You play a tiny foot and was freezing, the whole picture was grim. I had a minute, so I closed my eyes and began to pray, asking God for the life of that baby.A nurse touched my arm and had to leave. My wife and I left the hospital in silence, we had asked the parents a phone number to call the next day. The pastor had asked did they track and are willing to support the family if the baby must die. Sunday finally arrived, we had to call the marriage and were delaying the moment. Basically we did not want to hear that the little one had died.Finally, early in the afternoon we take courage and called the family. We attended the grandmother, happy and grateful, because his grandson lived. It was a time of great joy and thanksgiving to the Lord. Grandma told us that when the pediatrician took guard Sunday at 07.00hs. the first thing he did was approach the crib where the baby when he found well, given the intermediate transfer to a small room. I was so glad I invited the entire therapy team and parents to make a latte at the little bar inside the hospital.

The second case 

He was also a kid, a family known for my friend Gerardo Vacca Ezquerro. This time the baby was admitted to the intensive care unit of University Hospital.Gerardo told me the case, the baby was only days, was born premature and the problem was that his lungs were full of mucus, to the point that I could hardly breathe and this with mechanical aids. As it was very small, they could not medicate.We arrived at 21.00hs. The medical service chief greeted us kindly, told us that the baby was very delicate, but did not allow us to pass: The hospital policy only allowed visits from parents. With Gerardo pray a few minutes putting our hands against the wall and went, we could do more.Three weeks later we learned as the story continued: The same night he went to the hospital, around 00.00hs, the baby began to cough up the mucus that clogged his lungs. 04.00hs Towards the morning the baby was breathing normally and had no fever. That morning they changed into a small room and weekly intermediate was high in the house.

The third case

This is the story of George, a man in his 40s, known Gerardo, who was going with his family a terrible moment. Gerardo wanted to visit and asked me to accompany him. So we arranged an interview on a Saturday afternoon and went to see him. Jorge told us how her life is a father, his wife is 36 years old and have two daughters, one 14 and the other 12 years. He owns a sprawling factory, has its ground in a wealthy suburb of Buenos Aires and a beautiful home in a gated community in the suburbs. He drives his 4 x 4 and his wife own. His daughters are studying in a private school top of Palermo.But in the privacy of home, things were not so good. He was a workaholic and that made desatendiera his wife and daughters. He had tried to compensate with a greater amount of material things: holidays, gifts, clothing, whims. This worked a short time, but then again surfaced the needs of your family, generating friction and care claims.Jorge continued his routine factory 14hs Monday through Saturday, to "secure" their future. In their eyes, he was an exemplary family man, not to miss anything to theirs, if not at home was "because I was working and not party," thus justified. Things went well, until one day George began to feel very tired and could not go to work fluently, but appeared in the factory at times and most of the time to phone calls or sending mail from your bedroom.Finally decided to consult a professional. The doctor listened, and revised it initially diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. He prescribed medication and asked a number of studies. A week later studies led Jorge to physician and told him that this was what happened: The right kidney will work at 30%. The left kidney out on images with a large spot, so dense that the CT scanner did not come to penetrate.The diagnosis was terrible: It only worked the right kidney and the left seemed to have very dense tumor. The treatment proposed by the doctor was: Removing the left kidney dialysis treatment start and noted on the list for a kidney transplant. Jorge was destroyed, its reality and its plans for the future were dashed in 30 seconds. They did a second scan of the left kidney, but the "shadow" was so dense that the study did not reveal anything. They changed the medication and ordered third tomography. If this went wrong, they would have to operate and set that was what happened.We talked a long time with Jorge, we present to Jesus and his redemptive work for mankind. He delivered the prayer of heart.At that time the Lord gave me a specific word for Jorge, he recited the opening verses of Genesis 1:In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep] and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 3 God said, "Let there be light." And there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and God divided the light from the darkness. Genesis 1:1-4 (King James 1995)

Then I said:"It is God who gives all things, but your life, like all creation before God began to" sort through His Word, "is meaningless and void, because your gods are work and money.You are basing your "security" in the material and you see how quickly things can change, a "shadow of death" covers your kidney and your life and your family is immersed in fear and uncertainty about what might happen ."The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep" until God let His Word: "Let there be light ... God saw that the light was good, and God divided the light from the darkness. ». In the same way as now, have received the word of God and have confessed Jesus as your savior, therefore in the name of Jesus rebuke shadow of death over your life and cast out by the Word of God says: "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it" [1]. So shine the light of Jesus in your life and heal you, for the glory of His Name. "On Tuesday morning, George was to become the 3rd tomography, the stain was gone and were able to observe a small stone obstructing the urethra, that was the reason I could not urinate well, the accumulation of urine produced UTI and as not evacuated, not quite leave. What was never able to explain what the "shadow" who left and never returned. Jorge is changed medication and in two weeks was high, Glory to God!Despite this miracle in your life, and Jorge and his wife wanted to come to church.In Kingdom of Heaven came to these three families and change them "your mourning into dancing."They received their miracle and we witnessed how God's Word is always current, as Jesus said: "... the scripture can not be broken" [2]Herein is the safety of those who live in the Kingdom.


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