Three steps to achieve the restoration and blessing. By Fabian Massa.

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At the entrance of January 7, 2013 I ask a question by others uncomfortable: "What are you worshiping?" One of the most unfriendly responses was that worships the anointing.

So, many of the believers trust that your pastor's anointing will be more than enough for them to live a life of holiness and thus receive God's blessing. It is a simplistic and convenient way to make the Christian way. Instead of believing in the power of God will give me the strength to make a change in my lifestyle, I ask the leader or the pastor to drop on my life a "declaration of power in the name of Jesus" they hold miraculously a change in me, without having to make any effort. Thus saving me the whole process of learning to trust the Word of God by faith. Put another way, would be putting my faith in the pastor's anointing instead of putting it in God's Word, my sin would then trust in man instead of God (Jer. 17.5 A)

But God expects us to want to have a mature relationship with Him, that we understand that we really should be in line with their mandates and determine to follow us knowing what is best for us and for our family. Choosing is exercising free will, as it is written:

"Today I give you the choice between life and death, between good and evil. Command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in his ways and fulfill his commands, decrees and laws. So you shall live and multiply , and the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you take possession. " Deut 30.15. NIV.

In the book of Job, Scripture explains in three steps must act as the man who decides to follow the path to understanding:

1. Submit to God and "get right with Him" ​​(repent of sins and ask for forgiveness.) 21 "Submit to God, put him in peace, and prosperity back to you. As we can see, God gives us all the responsibility to choose to walk according to His will.

2. Accept his teachings and have them always present: 22 Accepts teaching flowing from his mouth record his words in your heart! Again we leave the choice up to us. The work to learn his words is a task ours!

3. Do not pollute our homes and our families with acts of evil:

a. 23 A If you return to the Almighty for the third time we have a decision to look at Him

b. 23 B and away from your house of evil, I am responsible for the evil out of my house, I must stop determinarme to do evil and learn to do good. Then:2 3C will be fully restored;

If you will keep your promises, He will hear your prayers, then you'll be fine in everything you do, and your life will always be lit. Job 22.27 - 28 BLA.


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