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What do we worship? When we go to church is to worship God or we exclusively to seek benefits?

In fact whenever we go to the house of the Lord, He will not lay off empty, but will give us a blessing. But in recent years I have noticed that you are worshiping many things, rather than to God, for example:

Cult of Prosperity .... Today is worshiped to the material, the blessing is measured in goods, vans, properties. But Jesus taught us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and these things will be added. However in recent times, have been turned priorities. Mt.6.33

Cult of the miracles and signs ... The classic phrase: come get your miracle already! God does miracles all the time, life itself is a miracle of God. And if you study the miracles had always intended that a person believes, become and start living the promises. In short, the signs are for unbelievers (1 Cor 14.22), believers live by faith. (Habakkuk 2.3)

Cult charisms .... great importance to shivering, the words unintelligible. Those who came to arrest Jesus to the Mount of Olives, when He said, "I Am" fell to the floor. But then they got up and took him prisoner. (John 18.5) The shivering without understanding what happens is pure excitement, and brings no changes.

Cult of anointing .... When Jesus spoke to the religious who had believed in Him (John 8.31-32) anointing not happened (and He is the anointed one) but sent them to ponder the scriptures seeking the Truth.

Cult declarations of "power" from the pulpit .... Jesus gives the recipe for living in divine blessing: He told us to stay in his words and teachings, then Father would grant us our requests. Jn. 15.7 The power was to declare all things, however taught to save and live the Word of God.

Cult of prophecy .... Everyone wants to attend meetings where he preached "the prophet", so that the man we prophesy all the good that comes over our lives. But if we study the prophets, we see that almost always announcing God's judgment and punishment. The prophets were reproached the powerful rulers and their social injustices, challenged the lukewarm priests, rebuked the people idolize and sinners. But the "prophets" today do not get into politics or challenge anyone, most of them throw flowers. God says He announces what will come from the beginning and what was not done, saying his counsel shall stand. Isa 46.10

Cult of tradition ... to keep the tradition is that we keep the errors of translation, interpretation and thought. But He said what to cling to the traditions of men leave behind the commandments. 7.9 Mr. ª

Worship the number .... It's time to end the belief that the number of members in a group, or supervision or in the church is synonymous with success or spiritual leader. We should measure success by how much they know and live in Truth. While still John said of a Church: Many have rejoiced in that some of your children walking in truth. 2 Jn. 1.4.

It's back to worship God.


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