Meditating on God's Word By Fabian Massa.

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The word "meditate" in Christian churches is a "burden" negative, relacionársela with Eastern practices such as Buddhism, yoga and "transcendental meditation".

From a biblical standpoint, there are wonderful promises to those who meditate on God's Word. Let's make together a short survey on Psalm 1:

1. 1 Blessed is the man
    that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, Psalm 1

Blessed: In other versions translate happy, happy. However it is very interesting word, which is derived from Buenaventura (although today it is linked to divination), formerly a sailor term, good luck = good winds. In ancient ships were propelled by winds, by force of oars or a combination of both. The best blessing for a captain of a ship, was to wish "good winds" To reach your destination quickly, safely.

This passage could be interpreted as follows:

Happy is the man who walks not as bad, that reach the destiny God has for your life.

    Or stand in the way of sinners,

The Peshitta Bible translates this verse: "Neither is kept in the thinking of sinners" the person who meditates on God's Word, leaving the bad roads.

    Neither seat of scoffers sitting

Scornful: People who mocks God or the things concerning Him

2. 2 but in the law of God is his delight
    and on his law he meditates day and night.

RVR95 Commentary: Is your delight: The Hebrew phrase implies something more than mere pleasure or pleasure, it will, desire, commitment and joyful obedience motivated by love.

Normally one takes a time in the day for prayer and reading the Word and then has various activities such as work, study, family care. Meditating on the Word "day and night" must be understood as having it present in everything we do or think that is what God says about it.

3. 3 is like a tree planted by streams of water,
    which yields its fruit in its time
    his leaf also shall not wither;
    and everything he does shall prosper.

One day God surprised me, had read the psalm in the morning and I "hit" this verse can not stop thinking about it all week.
And I had a wonderful teaching from the Lord: I remembered that as a kid, for many summers, glorious spent two months in the house of my maternal grandparents, in the city of San Pedro, on the banks of the Parana River.
And every morning he took the bike and went fishing. He had a favorite place, passing the port upstream. About two miles from the harbor, the river made a bend and there was a large and beautiful tree, growing along the shore. There I was always one of my fishing buddies.

The tree was a landmark, a meeting place for the whole group of friends. We sat in its shade for relief from the sweltering midday and we relied on him. And if we were tired he slept beneath the siesta, lulled by the sound of the wind in their branches. The tree did not ask for anything in return for all the favors we did. We provided services selflessly. He grew strong and beautiful, because God watered generously with whole river.

The tree does not get mad at us if we were getting into a lot of noise or disregard what lastimáramos though. We denied his shadow although we had not done anything for him.

The tree was just there, saying nothing to bless or asking anything in return.

Recalling this tree and those happy days, I understood the Scripture the same way, a man who meditate on the Word, will be a benchmark for others. A man in Scripture always understood a word that we will "refresh" and bring us peace and hope. Although the going gets tough, this man will be a refuge for God's Word has it.

A man filled with the Word of God, serves without expecting anything in return. Give plenty of shade without expecting anything in return and all who know you want to be in his company.

Which yields its fruit in season
Never saw a tree some force to bear fruit, they appear naturally. Nor bear fruit at any time, but each tree has its time, for example the apple:

Period of apples:
The apple harvest is collected in the fall when apples are fully grown and mature.

Cycle of the apple
Youth: from 0-3 years. The tree does not bear fruit, wood and leaves only.
Entry into production: 2nd to 6th grade starting to bear fruit.
Adulthood: from year 6 to 15. There is a balance between fruit and wood production.
Aging: from 15-20 years produces little wood and little fruit.

You can draw a parallel between the growth of the apple and the believer:

Spiritual Youth: The Early Days on the Road: The believer bears fruit mostly internal (changes), it is growing (wood and leaves) preparing to bear fruit in abundance, you first need to grow in faith and knowledge of the gospel.

Entry into production: In this 2nd stage "beginning to bear fruit" External: begins to help the cell leader (Timothy) or trained to serve in ministry.

Adulthood: In this 3rd stage "there is a balance between fruit and wood production." The believer can understand that this is a balance between the time spent in the service and you need to keep growing it himself, so we can give more. It is a "virtuous circle" of God by grace receipt and give the same grace.

Middle age: The men and women of God are like very fine vintage wines, over time get better and more valuable.

    And whatever he does shall prosper.

I also understood that God will take care of those who meditate on His Word have abundance of life, will have great means to them, making progress even in the midst of adversity, yielding fruit in season.

4. 4 Not so the wicked,
    they are like chaff which the wind drives away.

My grandfather was Roller canary breeder and had a little room intended for that purpose. Me in my grandfather liked to help in the care of the birds, which were so many gave quite work.
For example, the adult canaries had to "clean them" the birdseed. This is done as follows: It takes two jugs or cans of peaches empty. It dumps all content birdseed feeders in a jug. Birdseed then transferred to a jar of another maintaining a height difference between bottle and bottle blowing them as they fall from one vessel to another.
Result: the grains fall under its own weight in the other jar, but empty husks (chaff) fly through the breath.

The presence of God in our lives is what gives it weight. Far from God all is vanity and superficiality, that any wind drags him helplessly.

5. 5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in judgment
    nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous,

No evil shall rise in judgment: The wicked are not so they decide never repent of his misconduct. Will be humiliated and condemned eternally. Likewise, those in the congregation in hidden form making sin a practice, nor be raised.
 6 because God knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish.
When we meditate on God's Word, we begin to see it reflected in the things of every day, in every situation. Our gaze shifts, because we started to see things spiritually.

Meditate on the words of God brings a blessing.


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