Sharing the hidden treasures of the Bible. By Fabian Massa.

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Dear friends:

                                    Today's blog is 65 days and has 1,500 hits, readers treasures of wisdom are scattered in more than fifteen countries.

I am really surprised by rapid growth and very happy to contribute my two cents for the Word of God is most read and studied in the World.

To celebrate these 65 days of Treasures, I propose that each of you choose the topic that you like from the following:

1. The Garden of Eden

2. The Sons of God and daughters of men

3. The First Sumerian

These themes are developed in the book "From Eden to the birth of the Nations" A brief study of the prehistoric period in the Bible (Gen. I - XI) we are ending editing with my friend and brother in Christ Adrian Pablos. Choose one of the three themes and send me an email with your choice:

And gladly return mail I will be sending a survey of the chosen topic.

              Blessings to all,

Fabian Massa


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