Feed my sheep By Fabian Massa.

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15 When they finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these? ‘He answered,’ Yes, Lord, you know I love you.” He said, “Feed my lambs. “16 He said to him a second time,” Simon, son of Jonah, do you love me? “Peter answered,” Yes, Lord, you know I love you. “He said,” Feed my sheep. “17 And The third time he said, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love me?” Peter was grieved because he said the third time “Do you love me?” and he replied, “Lord, thou knowest all things: thou knowest that I love you. “Jesus said,” Feed my sheep.

John 21, King James Contemporary (RVC).

In order to feed the “sheep” you need to love the Lord more than ordinary believers. It is necessary because the sheep eventually tire the most mentioned of the Shepherds, God only love can drive a man to do the job of working with the congregation.
Grazing: Pacer, graze, grazing [1]

In a society of Jesus’ day did not need anyone to explain how was the office of pastor. But today, at the dawn of S XXI, in a big city, this trade is unknown.
Before talking about the office of pastor, one must understand how a sheep is an animal very limited: Go little, does not have a nose but if a good ear. No sense of direction, if left alone is likely to miss. It has a lot of learning ability.
The pastor has to choose every day a place to take the sheep to graze, a place where there is good grass and fresh water.
Then you have to get to the sheep pen and take them to that place. In the afternoon, the pastor should be taken back to the sheep pen.
If one is hurt, the pastor should heal. That’s it, is the same every day.
Trying to do something different sheep, is lack of knowledge of them. They eat only a few types of grass and drink water.
You can not train a sheep to guide them to another, as both end up losing, sheep are cared only.
When you train is the pastor: To choose the pastures (The Word), to cure (Inner healing and deliverance) to carry (evangelize) the fold (the Church).
The training is for pastors, whether few or many sheep.
The Lord for the sheep (are all from Him), so up pastors to serve them and care. Pastors must distinguish within their flocks who are sheep (approx. 80%) and those who are potential pastors (approx. 20%).
A grazing sheep and give future pastors, bread and cheese.
Any other scheme will only bring frustration both with the call to pastor (counselors, pastors, ministers, teachers) as seen in Hebrews 5:
11 About this we have much to say, although it is not easy to explain because you are slow to understand. 12 Even after all this time and should be teachers, yet you need to re-teach them the most basic of God’s words. This is so so what you need is milk, not solid food.
Any other scheme only bring fatigue to the sheep. You have to minister according to the call, the sheep and the shepherd apacentarla bread and cheese. Contemporary Webster (RVC)
[1] Dictionary of synonyms and antonyms © 2005 Espasa-Calpe
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