Noah's Ark. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

This work is an excerpt from the book “From Eden to the Nations” Pablos & Fabian Adrian Massa, which will be released end of 2013.

The Torah. Genesis 6
6:14 Make yourself an ark of cypress wood (gopher) compartments will make in the ark, and untarás inside and out with pitch (pitch).
6:15 And thus make it: three hundred cubits of the ark, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high.
6:16 A skylight will do to the ark, and finish it to a cubit from the top, and the door of the ark shall put his hand, thou shalt lower compartments, second and third.
6:17 For, behold, I bring the flood of waters upon the earth.

How many times I read this passage and not paying due attention! But when I began to study this issue in awe and wonder. The “Ark” that the Lord commanded Noah to build, was a cargo ship large capacity, the measurements given to Noah to build the ark were the following:
  • 300 cubits [1] = 135 m long (35 feet longer than a football field training)
  • 50 cubits wide = 22.5 m (Almost ¼ of apple)
  • 30 cubits in height = 13.5 m. (Practically the height of a building of 4 floors)
Respecting the measures mentioned above, gives the equivalent of a cargo ship of 14,450 gross tons, with 41 thousand cubic meters of interior space. The work involved building the Ark is tremendous:
  •  The design of each part of the ship, obviously the Lord gave Noah.
  • Design and manufacture (create) the necessary tools for all the work.
  • Cut the trees (many)
  • Stripped of all bark, clean and cut the boards, obviously all of the same measure,
  • hen brush them and store them for you to park and can be assembled.
  • Prepare the fasteners: nails? Wooden dowels?
  • Build the frame, a masterpiece of naval engineering.
  • Start construction. Such a work requires many man / hours of hard work.
Shipbuilders Experts tell us that Noah’s Ark would be the first building the size of a boat     20 000 tonnes. The ratio of length (L), breadth (width) and strut (height), marine engineers say, is the design of a ship of the twentieth century, so rational proportions.
This means that new well into the twentieth century and the technology industry were prepared to allow the construction of a 20,000 tons. displacement, which Noah did at the dawn of the early history.
In order to get a perspective of the size and capacity of the Ark, photo and data attached Freighter Ship “City Of Hamburg” with a capacity of 15,600 tons [2]. (The Ark had a similar capacity: 14,450 tons.)
City Of Hamburg
Category: Freight
Shipping company: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs H.S.H.
Ship Type: Cargo Shot
Tonnage: 15,643 gt
Propulsion: (2) MAN-B & W
Shipyard: Singapore Maritime Technologies Ltd., No. BO 615
Place of Manufacture: Singapore.
Year: 2008. 
The Lord ordered that the Ark had three decks (floors) that would provide a total area of ​​9,112 m², it is a less than one hectare [3]. To give an idea, is a rectangular area of ​​100m long x 91.12 m wide. Almost all the available space would be for the payload, it was just a box designed to float adrift [4] and should not take more than food and water necessary.
Proportions surprisingly coincide with modern naval architecture: 1: 1/6: 1/10.
This ship would be non-tip in any sea condition imaginable. The Lord explained scrupulously Noah to do a skylight a foot from the top and a door to the side.
The ship was completely built in wood “Gofer” (Cypress [5]?;? Cedar [6]?) Caulked [7] on the inside and out. When the wooden boards of the entire structure is exposed to water, they swell and push against each other compressing the caulk, thus achieving a high sealing coefficient [8].
In the midst of a corrupt society, the Lord gave Noah a strategy to prevent the destruction supernatural and be the bearer safe passage for his family and animals. Noah reached the Grace of God to be just in their daily walk.
Today we also live in the middle of a sick society and even more: We have polluted all Creation. Walk as righteous before the Lord and let us carry the “Safe Conduct” (the gospel) to our family and friends.
[1] Elbow: A measure of length equal to 0.45 m.
[2] Tn = Ton: A measure of weight equal to 1,000 kg
[3] Acre: A measure of area equivalent to 10.000m2.
[4] Adrift: No government or direction, at the mercy of the waves and wind. Not included in the design that Helm had no means of propulsion (candles).
[5] The common or Mediterranean cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) is an evergreen tree of longevity, existing copies with more than 1,000 years. Its trunk is straight and may reach up to 1 meter in diameter, although exceptionally found copies of up to 3 meters at its base. Bark thin, more or less smooth, gray on young trees with age changes to a dark brown longitudinal cracks. Its wood is light brown, gnarled, strong and fairly light. Not resinous, but exhale a perfume reminiscent of cedar wood. It’s very long, it is considered rot and there is no insect that attack.
[6] The cedar is conferred from the Middle East, fragrant wood tree, vertical or conical crown, widely used for the decoration of parks.
In the Bible also contains the name “Juniper”. The wood is resinous and has imputridez properties make it ideal for shipbuilding
[7] Caulking the action of introducing, between the planks of the hull of a vessel wood embedded tow pitch (coal tar) to prevent water ingress.
[8] Sealing f. Quality of what is tight, closed and held incommunicado.


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