STUDY. An exemplary leader: Nehemiah. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

A. Nehemiah 1

Nehemiah had a good job secular, not a pastor or evangelist, or anything like that, he was the King Cupbearer ie had a political office (1. 10) and the load feel sorry state of his nation (1.1 to 4). Nehemiah prays for his people (v. 5-10). Not expected to open heaven and a voice "as of many waters" to say something, but in his spirit he is moved with compassion.

A Leader is aware of what is happening around you, to the reality of everyday people. If the leader is a shepherd and points to the community, the reality includes politics, economics and society. Nehemiah's action is overtly political, though traditionally only see him as the "Spiritual and Bible". More Nehemiah is involved in the "reality" of living in ruins.

1. A leader "spiritual" reality looks not this focus, a leader "focus" can not lead anyone.

2. A leader "spiritual" look no reality can not lead his team to "take the land" simply because their proposals do not point to a real need.

3. An effective spiritual leader is attentive to reality, addresses the needs of its people, pray and act.

4. An effective spiritual leader board asks God to do something useful, planned and studied.

May. An effective spiritual leader prepares to serve practically in life. Not limited only to read a text but to think like the person will apply to your reality.

B. Nehemiah 2
Nehemiah Chapter 2 has a chance with the King and when asked what to do? 2.4 Nehemiah already had everything planned. It follows that during the month was from the day he received the news until he met with the King, not only prayed but thought, studied as it might do something for the Nation (v.2.5 to 2.9.)

Nehemiah inspects the wall and the magnitude of the task (2.11 to 16) after it declares its intention to the people and encourages him to his testimony.

A spiritual leader effective action plans to guide your group, family, business, church, course, etc.. Planning should be detailed, logical and orderly. Praying with intelligence, common sense. So when communications to their team, they decide to follow: Come on leader planning a logical sequence, see the difficulties ahead and apply measures to neutralize or mitigate them, are achievable goals.

C. Nehemiah 3
Nehemiah organized the people and put them to work every one over against his house, (v.2.22 and 23).

A leader "spiritual" seeking effective practicality of the work, saving time and avoiding unprofitable things.

D. Nehemiah 4
Already in the cap. 2 had begun to raise opposition. But as the play progresses the threats begin to take shape. The Ammonites, Arabs, the Moabites were planning an attack and many among the Jews scattered discouragement. (V4.6 to 12)

Nehemiah prayed and armed his people, organizing guard duty. (4.9 and 4.18)

A leader "spiritual" cash in addition to pray for, organize, take concrete actions in the spiritual and in the natural.

E. Nehemiah 5
Nehemiah is involved in the matter of "internal politics" of the people and urges his major to stop the poor abused, the rebuked by usury and oppression. (5.5 to 5.13)

A leader "spiritual" cash in addition to pray, take position and undertakes social policy.

F. Nehemiah 6

                    I. Nehemiah organized the city so you know defend 7.1 to 4
                  II. Nehemiah organized a census and church service
                III. Also place the priest makes Ezra read the Law

A leader "spiritual" cash in addition to pray, take organizes social, political and, if necessary, the defense.


Nehemiah was a true spiritual leader.

A spiritual leader encourages your group:
        I. The testimony of what God did in her life
      II. The Word of God applied to the reality of people in planning logical, intelligent, farsighted and possible.

    III. Prayer + action


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