The Breath of God and the Super sailboats.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Traductor.

The cult of Saturday July 27, 2013, Pastor Chad spoke about the Holy Spirit in the believer's life [1].

Chad made the following comment: "When a believer begins to seek the presence of God, to do the will of God for your life, then the Holy Spirit begins to guide your steps and everything that person will start to get well, because God prospers in all he does. And it's easy, it takes so long and so much work, that the Breath of God is the one who pushes your goal. "

To reinforce this idea, Chad said that there is a special class of sailboats with a little breeze develop incredibly high speeds. The pastor drew a parallel between the "Superveleros" and the Christian who is pushed by the Breath of God, who thus attains supernatural performances, achieving things without God would be very difficult or even impossible.
As the history of these sailboats I found interesting, so google and this is what I found:

Sailing: The sailing speed record also fell with Australian Yellow Pages Endeavour, trimaran glider in 1993 reached 46 knots for a distance of 500 meters, and with only 20 knots of wind across. From 15 knots of wind begins to plan and in theory can reach 3 times the wind speed. Its sail is rigid which can achieve very high yields.[2].


[1] SPANISH, ENGLISH / translated-from-spanish-to-Inglés-with.html;


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