Study. Summary of the Book of Acts 1 - 20. By Fabian Massa

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

Facts 1

1. DEDICATION Authoring Theophilus Lucas (Self gospel of Luke)
Two. Ascension of Jesus
Three. Selection of Matías paragraph replace a Judas.

Acts 2

1. Fullness of the Holy Spirit
Two. Manifestation of Languages
Three. 1 Preaching of Peter.
April. Christian community is formed.

Acts 3

1. Peter, John: Healing the Beautiful Beggar
Two. 2nd Preaching of Peter

Acts 4

1. Temple guards themselves prisoners They Peter and John.
Two. Freed Once PREACH Power pray boldly para. NuevaMente The place shakes.
Three. Community Life: Appears Barnabas, which sold over Land and offering to the Apostles.

Acts 5

1. Story of Ananias and Sapphira
Two. Miracles of Healing (By the shadow of Peter)
Three. The miracles and the reputation of the Apostles is the envy of Religious Jews and organize A Chase. Apostles jailed, but no angel sends frees them go to Teach the Temple. From When the accusers will search for the Prisoners, the cell was empty. The Gamaliel intervened wanted to kill but (the teacher of Paul) and I avoid the slaughter.

Acts 6

1. Divisions in the church, misgivings among Aramaic-speaking Jews and Greek. They complain the Greek-speaking by the attendance of their widows. Choosing 7 That will serve the tables: Full of Wisdom, of the Holy Spirit and good testimony. The 7 Greek-speaking child.
Two. Arrest of Stephen: The preaching of the Destruction of the Temple (Matthew 24) and the Jews of the synagogue of the Freedmen of envy and Religious accused him prisoner.

Acts 7

1. The Defence Speech Stephen: A perfect summary history of Israel from Abraham (2800 BC) to the crucifixion of Christ. Each of the Points That Esteban touches of history shows that the Jews always resisted (rejected) to God. Esteban will check in Face Who Have Killed All Prophets and Finally the Messiah.
Two. Death of Stephen, 1st Christian martyr: appears on stage Paul (Saul)

Acts 8

1. The Persecuted Church and dispersed: The Apostles remained in Jerusalem, But All Other fled. The Chase Directed By Saul, House By House. Arrests.

Two. Philip preached in Samaria, Simon Magus "becomes". Philip's work grew and Peter, Barnabas and John were Also paragraph Alli.

Three. Simon the Sorcerer WANTS buy Peter and John the gift of baptism.

April. Encounter with the Ethiopian Minister Felipe of Queen Candace. History of C conversion and baptism. (Leia. 53)

Acts 9

1. Conversion of Saul: THE was in Address to Damascus (Syria) to persecute the church. Christ blinds. Remember sting history (the spikes in the front of the car to do the horse will not boot and nuke) Blind comes to Damascus Saul. That God instructs Ananias heals.
Two. Once replacement, Paul Start a PREACH Christ in the synagogues. Paul flees the city Lowering the walls in the UN basket.
Three. Once Arriving in Jerusalem, Barnabas receives. He preaches in Jerusalem, But For Threats, flee to Tarsus (Turkey)
April. Peter preaches in Lida, miraculous healing of Aeneas.
May. Peter raises Tabitha (Dorcas) in the city of Joppa. THEN Peter lives without time in Joppa with Simon the tanner.

Acts 10

1. City of Caesarea: Vision of Cornelius, the Roman centurion (the angel Order That look Peter in Joppa with Simon the tanner)
Two. City of Joppa. Peter has the vision of the sheet with food. Just Like Cornelius HAPPENS vision in The Moment That Both are Praying.
Three. Peter goes to the house of Cornelius. Peter preaches and become Listeners yes, son baptized in water and Spirit.

Acts 11

1. The cap 11 is without raconto 10, Post It Had To justify before Peter Brothers Have entered the home of Cornelius (Roman Military and uncircumcised). But WHEN understood God baptize with one They at Pentecost, 'then' yes astonished and delighted
Two. Because of the persecution unleashed AFTER the death of Stephen, the Christians themselves dispersed portion Cyprus, Phoenicia (Syria Coast) and Antioch (Turkey). Yes MAINLY preached to the Jews. But Also began to preach to the Gentiles. Soon Upon A Numerous church in Antioch. From the Jerusalem church sent Barnabas. With Paul taught Quite a Year in Antioch. Alli Faithful Christians receive the name Chavez portion 1.
Three. Prophecy of Agabus About the famine. Meets An offering given paragraph Jerusalem That Barnabas and Paul.

Acts 12

1. A Chase Begins Herod Agrippa in Jerusalem. To James, the director runs a sword. Also encloses Peter.
Two. History of Peter Freed from Prison By An Angel. Rode stage appears (the clueless)
Three. Death of Herod: A Voice of God and not of man shouted the populace. That SEEMS Herod believed himself the portion and give glory to Lord Died portions eaten worms.
April. 25 When Barnabas and Saul met do service, returned from [a] Jerusalem, taking with them John, Also Called Marcos.

Acts 13

1. From the Church of Antioch Barnabas and Simon Black. They sent Barnabas and Paul Blessed one paragraph Cyprus. They took John Mark as helper.
Two. In Paphos (city south of Cyprus) did meet the sorcerer Bar-Jesus. Paul preaches the Governor Sergio Paulo. As Barjesus bothered Paul left blind for a time. (WITH LOVE, BY course)
Three. From Paphos (Cyprus) yes Continent headed sea portion, Reaching Perge in Pamphylia (on the coast of Turkey) and from there on land portion Pisidian Antioch TOWARD (In Turkey A Little Further North). Pisidian Antioch (in modern Turkey). Here John Mark left them back to Jerusalem. As was the custom, Paul preached in the synagogue. The paragraph the prox invited. Saturday. That day all the people had gone to Listen, the Jews were jealous. Paul and Barnabas preached More Time some, but the Jews had organized A That Fleeing Persecution and Iconium. In the limit of Lycaonia and Phrygia, in the Middle of Turkey).

Acts 14

1. He preached in the synagogue at Iconium, yeah Repeat History of Antioch in Pisidia and Have To flee to Lystra and Derbe.
Two. Miracle healing of the paralytic at Lystra, Paul serving. The Lystrians confuse with Jupiter / Zeus and Mercury / Hermes.
Three. In ESO arrive Dear suspension "Jewish friends" of Antioch in Pisidia, About 5 Minute Lystrians convinced the stone Paul and Barnabas. As Paul fell dead and reanimated by the Disciples. Paul against All logic He returned to the city to enter. The next day Parten paragraph Derbe.
April. Way back by Himself There was confirming Those Who Raised: Derbe, Lystra, Iconium and Antioch of Pisidia, Perge in Pamphylia. From there on themselves embarked.

Acts 15

1. The Jerusalem: Confrontation with the Judaizers. De Finally itself removes them Gentiles and Load A send them a letter where they say That alone should refrain from idolatry, bloody meat (drowned) and sexual immorality. Silas appears on stage, which is Submitted by the church from Jerusalem to Antioch.
Two. Paul and Barnabas MAKING A New Travel plan. Barnabas wanted Wear his nephew John Mark and Paul (for he has planted in Antioch of Pisidia, chap. 13 point 3)
Three. Barnabas and John Mark were to Cyprus, while Paul Silas does lead to touring portion Antioch.

Acts 16

1. In Lystra Timothy yes one to Paul and Silas. REMEMBER 50% Timothy 50% Greek Jewish peoples it well received anvil portions. Because of the Jews, decided to circumcise Timothy.
Two. In Troas (he had been unable to prov PREACH in Asia) Paul has a vision of Macedonian male.
Three. Philippi A church organizes itself with Women. Lida Conversion (Tablita) purple trader (That silver had more Cristina)
April. History of the girl guesses. Release Paul and Silas THIS cause and the prisoners end up.

May. Story of Paul and Silas in Jail, earthquake, and conversion of the jailer.

Acts 17

1. They arrive in Thessaloniki, so good for 3 Saturdays after the Jews stirred up the crowd against them. They have to flee to Berea 80km away.

Two. In Berea received them well and many were converted. The "Jewish friends" of Thessalonica came to Berea and put together another mob. Paul had to flee from there to Athens.

Three. Already in Athens Paul preached in the Areopagus. The pricipal of the Areopagus and his wife become (Dionysius and Damaris).

Acts 18

1. Paul in Corinth. Meet Aquila and Priscilla.

Two. Silas and Timothy arrive from Macedonia.

Three. Paul turns to the Gentiles

April. Priscilla, Aquila and Apollos. Apollos was not entirely clear and marriage helps to understand in more depth.

Acts 19

1. Paul in Ephesus. The baptizes in the Holy Spirit. It is two years in Ephesus.

Two. History Paul pants.

Three. History exorcists. The sons of Sceva.

April. The story of the drama of Demetrius and the silversmiths of Ephesus by the Temple of Diana.

Acts 20

1. After the episode of the silversmiths, Paul goes on through Macedonia and Greece

Two. In Troas, Eutychus story, that of the window.

Three. Farewell to the Ephesian elders.


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