Reflection. Mexico , Exorcists vs. Narcos . Part II. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

Week 70 shares with us : Exorcists Vs Narcos . Part II.

In Part I of this paper , based on a BBC article [1 ] , detailing both the Government of Mexico and the Catholic Church have come to the conclusion that Mal has won the Country , plunging society unlimited violence .

Almost daily in the suburbs of many Mexican cities , different face drug gangs in pitched battles . Often the discovery by police of people murdered in the most brutal ways: Beheaded , hanged, burned , dismembered , etc ...

Among the narcos rows is common worship Saint Death , whom the assassins seeking protection from rival cartels and the police . Even honor their patron with human sacrifices ...
More and more demonic manifestations among people , Catholic exorcists can not cope to meet so many cases of demon possession .

Biblically any response ? Two cases of cities where satanic activity was so overwhelming that the demoniacs were commonplace mentioned in the Bible :

  • In Acts 19 , it is reported that in the city of Ephesus had many possessed a group of Jews practiced "walking Exorcism " that is, going through the streets of the city offering its services to neighboring tormented . In the sanctuary of Diana Ephesus (Aphrodite to the Greeks) with an important oracle was .

  • I know thy works, and where you dwell, where Satan's throne is , Revelation 2.13 ª. This verse speaks of the city of Pergamum. After defeating Mark Antony in Egypt, where Cleopatra ruled , Octavio remained absolute master of the Roman world . triumphantly entered Rome and in August of the year 29 AD The people and the Senate paid him great honor and gave him the following titles : Imperator , Grand Pontiff , Prince of the Senate, Augustus ( sacred person , ie God) and finally , Cesar , name of his adoptive father . Consequently , Octavio happened to be the first emperor of Rome under the name of Augustus, assuming all powers and clamping the domain , wealth and progress of the Roman Empire , this period is known as " The Age of Augustus " was the brightest stage of the letters and Latino art . In the city of Pergamum was built in 29 AD one dedicated to Cesar Augusto Tempo to worship him as a god. There were also several temples in the city dedicated to the gods of Rome. In the city of Pergamum had unleashed a persecution against Christians and many were tortured and killed.

We can see that in the two cases cited by the Bible demonic activity was directly related to idolatry and exactly what is happening in Mexico today: Idolatry has meant that this territory is taken by Satan and the forces of Evil

And why I say that the Catholics can not with this? Simply because they also practice idolatry , worship images , statues honoring works of the hands of craftsmen. In the third part of this article , see the close relationship between idolatry and Satanism .

Week 70 is about to begin. Jesus prophesied that in recent times the Evil grow greatly. Are we ready ?



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