Reflection (Sh). Homosexuality in the Church. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

Week 70 shares with us : Homosexuality in the Church.

In the newspapers of the day November 28, 2013 has exited published the following news: " The British Church proposes to hold gay marriages "

The clergy of the Church of England and could recognize marriages between same-sex couples in their church ceremonies , according to a number of proposals today that reinforce a more open approach of the Church towards homosexuality . The Anglican church has about 80 million parishioners World and drop its ban on gay clergy having a civil relationship become bishops.

The next paragraph of the note caught my attention : " The teaching of the Church ( Anglican ) sexuality is in tension with contemporary social attitudes, not just for gay and lesbian Christians but also for heterosexual Christians "
It is a current trend to will dilute the Word of God not " generate conflict with contemporary social attitudes "

Does God must " accommodate" what society understand that right? Of course , in reality we as a society are the ones who need to " squeeze " to what God says to have a healthy society without social injustice, without abuse , without violence and vices like drugs and alcohol.

Now God gave mankind "Free Will " is the ability to choose between doing what the Bible says and what share each liked. Clearly , we are with or without God : There is no other position.

So I noticed the note, which speaks of " gay and lesbian Christians, gay clergy can reach bishops " If a person is truly Christian can not be gay , let alone a minister of God when God says not expressly adopted the homosexuality. It is against homosexuality , but only a matter of common sense , a person can not be two conflicting things at the same time, it is like trying to mix water with oil.

You can not be both :
Christian and thief
Christian and violent
Christian and liar
Christian and adulterer

Being a Christian is to follow Jesus and try to live as tight to God's Word .
Week 70 is about to begin. Confusion will be increasing, but those who endure to the end will be saved.


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