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10 The beginning of his kingdom was Babel , Erech ( Uruk ) , Accad ( Acadia ) and Calne, in the land of Shinar. 11 From that land he went to Assyria ( North end of the current Iraq on the border with Syria) , where he built Nineveh , Rehoboth , Calah , 12 and Resen , the great city which is between Nineveh and Calah .

Genesis 10 , Reina Valera Contemporánea ( RVC )

From reading these verses it appears that there was a huge population explosion :

I. A Population Explosion : The fact build and populate three cities in Sumer ( Mesopotamia ) and four in Assyria ( northern Mesopotamia ) involves a multiplication of humanity.

II . A consolidation of the Sumerian culture

III . Conquest of the Semitic tribes. The biblical commentary Jamieson adds : "The claim his kingdom was achieved by subjecting all the tribes , and territorial expansion was consolidated with the construction and organization of the population in cities - states." Obviously this speaks of a series of campaigns militares.Todo this process took time , although no explicit data , the approximate time could be deduced from the following information: Peleg ( whose name is perpetuated in the city Phaliga ) have lived from approximately 2269-2030 . of J. C. Its name means " division " because " in his days the earth was divided " , ie, " the people of the earth" ; "from there the LORD scattered them over the entire surface of the earth ," but we must not take this date as a determining factor , there really is not all records are guesses .

Cities of Babylon named in Genesis 10 and archaeological sites in the News

Babil is a province of Iraq. It has an area of 6,468 km ² and an estimated population (2003) of 1,751,900 inhabitants. [1]

Heb . Erek , perhaps "length" ; bab . Uruk. City of Mesopotamia which was part of the kingdom of Nimrod in Babylon (Gen. 10:10). The site has been identified with the modern Warka , about 80 miles northwest of Ur

Heb . Akkad , "castle " or "fortress" .
Sippar , Dur - Kurigalzu , Babylon, Kish , Kuta , and Borsippa : By " Sumer and Akkad " the region bounded by the high and low Mesopotamia, where the most important cities were noted .

Heb . Kalnêh perhaps " strength [ strong ]" Anne [ Anu ] ) .
May be Kulunu , a city near Babylon , or , according to the Talmud , the city of Nippur , which is called with the Sumerian inscriptions -ki Enlil , " the city of Enlil " ( a god ) . Nippur was one of the holiest cities of Lower Mesopotamia, and where there were several famous temples .

Country on the upper Tigris , in Mesopotamia , a name also given the empire dominated by the Assyrians.
The homeland of the Assyrians had its southern limit in the Little Zab , a tributary river [2 ] of the great river Tigris . In the vicinity of the mouth of the Little Zab , and on the right bank (west) of the Tigris , Assur ( Ashur ) , the ancient capital of Assyria was .

City on the east bank of the Tigris , near the mouth of a small tributary [3 ] now known as Khosr (opposite the present city of Mosul ) .

Heb . " open spaces. Ciudad " the Euphrates . "

Heb . maybe " finishing [ age , maturity ] ." He was at the junction of the Great Zab and the Tigris , about 32 km south of Nineveh.

Heb . " flange " or "brake" . Ancient city of Assyria , located between Cala and Nineveh on the Tigris , not yet identified .

This city, founded by Nimrod. In Mi. 5:6 Assyria is called the land of Nimrod , and to this day his name round the ruins of the region , such as the site of the old Cala , Assyria, now called Nimrud, and the ancient Borsippa , Babylon is today the city of Birs Nimrud .
Babylon was the capital of the kingdom , located in lower Mesopotamia. Today its ruins are in the Iraqi province of Babil , 110 km south of Baghdad.
The name comes from the Greek Babel, which is derived from the Semitic word Babilim [4 ] , which means " The Gate of the Gods" . The word Semite is a translation of the Sumerian ka - ra - dingir . Babel is the name of the first of the four original cities of the kingdom then founded : Erech, Akkad and Calne . The name of this city is derived from the Hebrew verb balal , " confused " , Nimrod was intended to make this city and its ziggurat , where they could have direct communication with heaven and , therefore , with their deities . Nimrod ordered to build Babel and its tower in order to settle there and avoid dispersion , but Yahweh Elohim , confused the languages ​​of those who were working in construction , so they were not able to understand each other , and the project stopped. Nimrod and the construction of the tower of Babel.


[1 ] Uday Hussein , son of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein , Babil used as the password for your mail account .
[2 ] A tributary or tributary of another river which flows means " taxed " that is pouring water into it.
[3 ] In this case also the river now known as Khosr flowed into the Tigris River.
[4 ] Babilim : The ending "im" in Hebrew means plural .


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