Reflection ( Sh) . In education, what is better: to fish or teach how to fish ? By Fabian Massa.

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Week 70 shares with us : " In education, what is better: to fish or teach how to fish ? "

Normally Pentecostal teaching centers is customary to give the students a lesson by the inductive method (which we inherited from the missionaries from the U.S.)

Obviously this will be a way to indoctrinate rather than teach : By inducing teachings only officially accepted as " correct" is transmitted. In this way deprives students the opportunity to develop an independent opinion , based on the comparison and study of the various positions . Leaving aside this topic , it is very troubled , on to the pedagogical part : We have to fish or teach how to fish ?

Normally in the inductive system, the instructor / teacher prepares a folder with the information required by the program. In that folder is a summary of the texts sets, the necessary maps , drawings etc ... It is understood that this is for the student to have a single material all you need to study the matter. But in return we are depriving these students of the experience of going to the library to find information, learn to make summaries, etc ...

After studying six years with this type of system, I have noticed that classmates who did not have a base of study [ a) did not know to summarize , b ) Find the information (including the texts of the program ) , c ) that could not interpret (read) a simple map , d ) having no method of study ] After six years of the Institute, most of them still do not know how to process raw information , summarize or discern which data is safe or not (speaking of Internet).

I think it 's time for changing the method of teaching, because we are training generations of believers who are unable to determine for themselves what works and what does not, who can not take notes in a cult or conference, or give an class if it is not " ready to go down ."

The protection overrides people [1 ] . We need to train congregations in the knowledge of Scripture , so they are not prey to False Teachers .

Week 70 is about to start , only those who are strong in the knowledge and practice of the Word of God will stand firm in the true gospel and be saved. The weak in faith and those who do not know the Word will be deceived by the Antichrist. Are we ready ?


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