Study . An approach to the family in Proverbs. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

A. About Proverbs 1. (NIV )

My son , listen to your father's
    and do not forsake your mother 's teaching .
9 grace your head like a headband ;
    They adorn your neck like a necklace . verses 8-9

In these two verses we can see a young child listening to his parents, because they have taken time to advise and teach . The teachings that give are consistent with the Word of God and are the key to the younger a person with values ​​, respectful of property, the lives of others and have a good life .

10 My son , if sinners entice you,
    do not go with them.
11 If they say,
    "Come with us !
Lurk some innocent
    and let us taste some unsuspecting kill ; ....

13 we will get all kind of riches ;
    the loot fill our houses .
But do not be carried away by them , my son!
    Depart from the trails ! Verses 10-15

These parents teach your child about specific things , to live in society within the framework of the law of man ( not steal / no kill ) which is a reflection of God's law . Today the lack of God and this time parents with children, makes whole cities fall under the power of crime, Narcos Mafias , as in the city of Rosario ( Santa Fe Province , Argentina and also in many other parts of the world) where drug traffickers "recruit " child soldiers (12 to 14 years) for the sale and brokerage of drugs. When these youngsters reach the age of 15 and many are professional murderers .

B. On Proverbs 2 . (NIV )

The first nine chapters of the book of Proverbs , the author speaks of "Wisdom " as a young father . To be sure, here is wisdom to live according to the Word of God, which teaches the way of righteousness , ethics , justice , mercy and peace.
In this second chapter, the father is advising his son :
12 Wisdom will save you from the ways of the wicked,
    of whose words are perverse ,

Also advises his son not to fornicate with women commit adultery :
16 deliver thee from the strange woman ,
    strange seductive words
17 who, forgetting their covenant with God ,
    left the partner of her youth.

 C. On Proverbs 3 . (NIV )

In this chapter the father teaches his child to go through life speaking the truth and having love for others , because this will give a good name among men. A good reputation is a cover letter that opens the main doors (verses 1-12 )
This father advises his son to be:

Discreet and good judgment (verses 21-26)
Help others, be generous (verses 27-28)
To be faithful ( 29)
Do not be envious ( verse 31)

It also warns that the consequence of acting according to these tips have the approval of God and do the opposite brings with it the curse of God (verses 32-35 )

D. On Proverbs 6. (NIV )

6Go, lazy , look at the ant !
    Look at what he does, and be wise!
7 No commander,
    no overseer or ruler,
8 yet it stores its provisions in summer
    and gathers its food at harvest .
9 Lazy , how long will you lie ?
    When you wake up from your sleep?
10 A little sleep , a little slumber ,
    a little break , arms crossed ...
11and you will assail poverty as a bandit,
    and scarcity like an armed man (verses 6-11)

The father calls his son to be diligent , to have self-discipline, and the ants do not have a boss that is sending the yet works hard (verse 7). It also warns that laziness brings poverty and ruin. This is as real departure published in newspapers : According to a note from the newspaper La Nación [1 ] , in the province of Misiones ( northeastern Argentina ) 30% of the inhabitants of the province school age media studies ( some 90,000 ) are not attending class. The data are official ( were provided by the Board of Education of the province ) and indicate that it is young men and women between 13 and 19 years old who do not study economic problems .

According to data provided by ANSeS [ National Social Security Administration ] also the owner of the Provincial Board of Education said there are 60,000 young people between 18 and 24 who do not work or are trained to do so. The official also said that among the population studied there is a high degree of repetition and overage , which they think correct lowering educational requirements , ie leveling down, passing students even though they know little or nothing : Thus the percentages you provincial government will better but certainly will leave a generation ill prepared to face any challenge that you get ahead .
What happens in this province is just a sample of what is happening throughout the country . The absence of God in people 's lives is reflected in the way they live . Parents of young missionaries 150,000 daily note have failed / could train them to be disciplined , serious, responsible , discreet, virtuous , workers, scholars , entrepreneurs, etc ... Unfortunately most of these young people , where they form a family they may not give any training to their children (you can not give what you have not been received ) , thus creating a vicious circle that every generation is below .

E. About Proverbs 6. (NIV )

Being Jewish patriarchal society , women were given training focused on the home, raising the children and the government and the house. Women were under tight control of men and older women , were therefore less margin sons to " misbehave." However, in Chapter 31 there is a description which all objectives were to be met by the women :

1. 's Reliable for her husband (verse 11)
Two . 's A blessing for the family ( verse 12)
Three . 's Working on manual tasks , (then the ladies did not go to work outside the home ) ( verse 13)
April . 's A good treasurer , when it makes purchases in shops where there are better cost (verse 14)
May . 's Business to distribute chores (verse 15)
6. Participate in family businesses and encourages personal endeavors (verse 16)
7. Do not waste time doing leisure , but is attentive to the needs of the family ( verse 17-25 )
. 8 In the verse 30 says:
30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting ;
the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised .

In that society , are the qualities most valued woman physical appearance. Today emphasis is more on the appearance and the " Content" .

F. Conclusion

You need to as the father of Christian family understand the responsibility that God has delegated to us : Teaching (with the preaching and example ) God's Word at home. Once they asked the Christian speaker Josh McDowell what it was the biggest problem in the U.S. To which the question was none other than President of the United States through his secretary of state. Dr. Mc Dowell replied that the biggest problem was the lack of attention from parents to their children . The secretary said he could not take that answer to the president, when the country had serious situations such as drug addiction , racial violence , unemployment , to name a few , while in foreign policy were the difficulties in the fronts of Iran Afghanistan, Iraq and international terrorism .

Dr. Mc Dowell [2 ] answered that all the internal problems of the U.S. stemmed from the lack of attention from parents to their children : For because of this young entrants in the world of drugs , then falling into the social degradation and crime. Children who were raised without the loving care of the father when they were repeated exactly the same parents who had lived and not take care of his family, thus creating a vicious and destructive cycle .

God always wanted to awaken our awareness of this, so he ordered that every man is priest in his house , to teach the truth in the Word locked the children and wife :
5 Love your God with all your mind, with all that you are and all you 're worth. June Memorize all the teachings that I have given today , 7 and repeat them to your children at all times and in all places : when you're at home or on the road, and when you wake up or when you lie down . August Write them on leather straps and tie to your arm , and hang them on your forehead . 9Escríbelas at the door of your house and on your city gates . Deuteronomy 6 Living Translation (NLT )

Our family needs to fulfill the role of priest in the house. Our country needs men of God that as we sow the good seed , starting with our group home . That is our first and most important ministry .

Fabian Massa.


[1] Monday 04/14/14

[2] ;


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