Reflection. Anointing does not imply success or wealth. By Fabian Massa.

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Week 70 shares with us: "Anointing does not imply success or wealth."

What would we say of a pastor to preach on the steps of the Cathedral of our city, and at nightfall it was a place to sleep? Would we think perhaps it was a "Anointed Preacher" blessed of God or that his ministry was prospered?

The answer is No, according to the Gospel of Prosperity, which has infiltrated the church, where new "Apostles" anointing measured according to the display of wealth that make and economic power of their "ministries".

Here is an actual historical event of one of these preachers who had to live:

37 Each day Jesus was teaching in the temple, but went out to spend the night in the mount called Olivet, 38 and all the people got up early to go to the temple to hear. NIV Luke 21.37-38.

Jesus was not a "Preacher of success" for religious of his time, and neither would be for religious today, who made faith a family business or enterprise; Nor is a "Preacher of success" who preach Repentance and Salvation if not dress costumes U $ S 3000 and has a rich church.

But for the Christian who understood the gospel, success is to stay within the will of God, to preach His truth. Seventy Week is at hand, remain in the Truth, flee Prosperity preachers.


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