Reflection. How fail safely in the study of the Word of God. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

Dear, this time I approached a number of measures, they are the most popular within the Evangelical Pentecostal Church. If you follow these guidelines, you will have reached the longed failure in learning.

1. Bible, only Bible. To fail miserably in the knowledge of God's Word, the key is you. Just read the Bible, that is not complementary reading with no help of dictionary, encyclopedia or Review. If the version used is the RV60, no matches or previous studies of each book, we guarantee the most spectacular failure of learning and we guarantee you. Will not understand the texts but read them for 30 years.

2. Maps. To be a true ignorant, and not to understand anything, one of the key things is never read the Bible looking for the places on a map. I have the beautiful experience of having had partners who were faithful to this mandate and as a result never understood where it was Palestine, and Egypt, or Iraq. Thus achieving a high level of spirituality, unable to have earthly references, their minds were hung on 2nd Heaven.

3. History. Do not read anything from history is fundamental to you. You can never link together the various books. Besides the coveted spiritual trip state is achieved, having no historical data, everything is in the Spiritual Nebula not know where or when.

4. Customs. Not knowing the local customs of biblical towns in his time is crucial to be constantly confused and get the Pentecostal Nirvana of eternal question, "What does this passage say I"

5. Disregard Times. One of the keys to understanding nothing, is not considering the times. God occupies permanently leaving clues Times, gives concrete reference which enabled scholars put date almost all the events in our Western calendar. But hey, that's for scholars, spiritual not pay attention to the letter, for the letter kills, why die young? Better not read anything and live many years. So zero times.

6. Ignore dispensations. This is easier when we learn not to take into account the times, even if God is I endeavored to put temporary (and otherwise) tracks throughout the Bible.

7. Disregard reality. In Matthew 24.32 Jesus advised to be aware of "the fig tree" (reality) to discern the prophetic times. But clearly this is not as important as in any church of the visit in the last 20 years no pastor ever speak of reality or the prophetic signs. Indeed, to get to hear them say do not waste time seeing happening in the world, so do not panic.

8. Read only devotional books. Devotional books are essential to learn nothing, are easy to identify by their titles, such as "Hello Ghost," "Three Steps to Holiness", "7 Steps to Success", "Treasures in jars of clay" "Rendered in your presence" etc., etc., etc. ....

9. Listen Hillsong The great men of God as Moses and John, when they were in the Presence of God experienced a transformation, because the presence of the Lord permeated with His Glory. But if you. Hillsong long hours listening (or any other of the top groups) despite being (supposedly) in the presence, you will not experience any change, remaining this way without ever crossing Hebrews 5 Hebrews 6.

10. Only reunite with people who think like you. This is the best way not to notice you. Knows nothing, hanging out with people who know the same or less.

Following these simple tips, you can never interpret the Bible for himself. Week 70 is about to begin and the vast majority still do not understand the times and prophecies, being still entangled in the choice to read or not to read the Bible.

Fabian Massa, Week 70 & Treasures of Wisdom

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