Note. Iran, seeking the Great Chaos that attracts the magnet 12. By Fabian Massa.

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Twelver Shiism or Imani is the largest branch of Shiite Islam. The name "Twelver" originates from the defining beliefs of the current twelve succession guides in the lineage of Ali, divine, known as the Twelve Magnet designation; and the twelfth of these, which is believed to be gone and hidden since 874 is, is the Mahdi to be (re) appear as redeeming the end of time. The doctrine of the Hidden Imam gives a strong esoteric dimension to Shiism. Between 80 and 85% of Shiites, according to sources, they are Twelver, so vulgarly frequently assimilates the whole chia chia to Twelver. [1] WIKIPEDIA.

In the study The Great Mahdi Islamic and Biblical Antichrist [2]  publish on 16/11/13 explained why "The guidance of Allah, Grand Imam or Imam 12" is the same person as the Biblical Antichrist.

According to Islamic prophecy, the Great Mahdi will be revealed in "La Hora" when untie the Great Chaos. In our culture this event would be the 3rd World War and the use of nuclear bombs.

On March 9, 2016 Iran missile test again despite US warning
Iran fired two long-range missiles that were written in Hebrew "Israel must disappear" missiles covered a distance of 1,400 km and fell into the Gulf of Oman. The US vice, Joe Biden, visiting Jerusalem, said that if Tehran breaks the terms of the nuclear agreement, "The US will act ".

Needless to say that after the "performance of the US" will come as Russia, China, NATO, the Arab countries and their respective allies on each side, this would, no doubt, be considered worthy of The Great Chaos .

Week 70 is at the gates. The "Anointed" continue to organize the respective "Weeks of Sanctification" in their churches, which are as much or more full of sin that the outside world because most of the new Apostles decades that do not preach repentance and new birth, by He has replaced the True Gospel the story of Prosperity that only thrives them and their inner circle.

The signs of the times come published in newspapers and prophecies of them are written in the Bible. "When you see the fig tree branches are tender and puts forth leaves, summer is near" (Matthew 24.32).

Study your Bible, read the newspaper and then you will understand.

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