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The word prophecy contains in itself a great mystery, attracting like a magnet to people. It is closely linked to the prophet, who is the announcer of prophecy.

In this brief note we study these two concepts in the biblical field.

To begin, let's see what prophecy means

The word comes from the Greek προφητεία, it turns to Latin Prophetia and thence to the Spanish prophecy.


1. supernatural gift of divine origin which allows the knowledge of future events.
2. Prediction made by a prophet.
3. Conjecture based on signs or signals: The prophecies of financial operators were accurate.
4. Each of the canonical books of the Old Testament in the writings of any of the major prophets is contained.

The dictionary definition WORDREFERENCE.COM prophecy is a good starting point for the study, see point by point: 1 . supernatural gift of divine origin which allows the knowledge of future events. AND 2 The Prophet.

This definition points to the biblical concept where prophecy comes from God, who almost always speaks through the prophet Hosea says saw in 3.7 Indeed, the Lord God does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. However in Genesis 3 it is God himself who speaks (no prophet at that time) and gives the prophecy of the "Proto-Gospel" Gen. 3.15).
The primary purpose of prophecy is to demonstrate the sovereignty of God, so that people create:

  •  11 I, yes, I am the Lord, and there is no other Savior. 12 First I predicted your rescue, then I saved you and proclaimed to the world. No foreign god ever has. O Israel, you witness that I am the only God, says the Lord. 13 From eternity to eternity I am God. No one can snatch anyone out of my hand; no one can undo what I have done. " ISAIAH 43.11-13 NTV.
  • 6 Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts: I am the first and I am the last, and besides me there is no God. 7 And who can proclaim the future, will declare, and set it in order before me, as I do since I established the ancient people? Shew what is, and what is to come. 8 Be not afraid, neither be afraid; I did not I hear from ancient times, and I tell you? Then you are my witnesses. There is no God but me. No Strong; I know of none. ISAIAH 44.6-8 RV 60.
  •  14 "Come together, all of you, and listen: Who among them has foretold these things? The beloved of executed his purpose against Babylon; his arm will be against the Chaldeans. 15 Only I have spoken; I have just called. I will come, and will succeed in his mission. 16 "Come near to me, hear this:" From the beginning, never spoken in secret; when things happen, I am there. "Isaiah 48.14-16 NIV.
  • 29 And now I have said before that I come, that when it happens, you may believe. Jesus Himself in John 14.29 RV60

3. Prediction: Conjecture based on signs or signals

This type of "statements" are based on a logical and rational analysis, or a more or less subjective judgment based on evidence or observations: "Both the pitcher goes to the source that end up breaking." Within this category also self fulfilling prophecies, for example when a Minister of Economy says in a television message that the exchange rate can be changed, effectively amending the 5 minutes. Also fall into this category "warnings" from mothers to children: "If you take cold you resfriarás". Etc…

4. Each of the canonical books of the Old Testament in the writings of any of the major and minor prophets is contained.
Biblically speaking, the gift of prophecy is empowered by the Spirit the ability to declare God's revelation, that is to preach the Word (Romans 12: 6-8; 1 Corinthians 12: 7-11). God chose certain persons who were responsible for proclaiming the prophecy:

6 We have different gifts, according to the grace given to us. If the gift is prophecy, use it in proportion to his faith Romans 12.6 NIV
7 To each is given a manifestation of the Spirit for the good of others. 8 A one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; others, by the same Spirit, word of knowledge; 9 to another faith by the same Spirit; others, and by that same Spirit, gifts of healing; 10 to another miraculous powers; to another prophecy; another, the discerning of spirits; to another speaking in different languages; and to another the interpretation of tongues. 11 All this makes one and the same Spirit, distributing to each as he determines. 1 Corinthians 12.7-11 NIV.
14 should pay special attention to follow the love and desire spiritual gifts, especially prophecy. 2 For he who speaks in tongues does not speak to men but to God. Nobody really understands him; he utters mysteries in the Spirit. 3 In contrast, the one who prophesies speaks to men for their and encouragement and consolation. 4 He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself; instead, he who prophesies edifies the church. 5 I want you all to speak in tongues, but much more to prophesy. Who prophesies than one who speaks in tongues, unless he interprets so that the church may receive edifying. 1 Corinthians 14.1-5 NIV.

A points we can add:

5. The prophecy as an individual and personal advice.

The prophecy is to proclaim the Word of God and on occasion a revelation of God in regard to the future. In both the Old and New Testaments, God used prophets or the gift of prophecy to reveal the truth to people. Prophecy is a special revelation truth that can not be discerned by any other means. Through a prophet, God sometimes brings a personal revelation to man repents:

23 If I were near him
Some very eloquent chosen mediator,
Announcing to man his duty;

24 To tell that God had mercy on him;
Who escaped down to the grave,
He has found a ransom;

25 His flesh shall be fresher than a child,
You return to the days of his youth.

26 shall pray to God, and he will love you,
And you will see his face with joy;
He will restore to man his justice.

27 He looketh upon men; and shall say:
I have sinned, and perverted what was right,
And it did not profit me,

28 He will deliver his soul from going into the pit,
And his life shall see the light. Job 33.23-28 RV60

This is what Nathan did for David, gave a personal prophecy to King repents in 2 Samuel 12.1-13 when David took Uriah's wife, whom command to be left alone in the battlefront to being killed by the enemy.

6. versus Apocalyptic prophecy.

A. In this present study only want to give you a story, as apocalyptic literature itself merits several books. The difference between the two is that prophecy is an announcement of God to repentance, usually to be proclaimed, a future that God can change if the recipients of prophecy change.
As an example we can put Jonah 3.3-10 RV60:

3 Then came word of the Lord Jonah the second time, saying:
2 Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and proclaim to it the message that I tell you.
4 And Jonah began to enter into the city, a day's journey, and preach saying, forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.
5 And the men of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest to the least of them.
10 And God saw what they did (who repented, by fasting and prayers), that they turned from their evil way; and he repented (God) the evil which he said he would do to them, and he did not.

B. Instead apocalyptic literature is generally to transmit written and are facts that are going to meet or yes, regardless of whether or not man believes; repents or not. The prime example is the Revelation of John. We must differentiate between the concept of "prophecy" that uses Paul and Peter, where they refer mostly to the preaching of the Word (2 Peter 1.19; 1 Cor 14.1) of Prophecy as an announcement of things to come (Is. 43.11-13) we also have the prophecy as a revelation of the Word of God in a particular way for a person (Job 33.23-24). But the revelation of future events, were announced by the prophets until John (the Baptist) Jesus (Mt. 11.13) said and the last Revelation of Jesus Christ Jesus Himself gave it to his servant John (Revelation) as the prophecy of the end . of the End times prophecy After that, no more prophets or prophecy in this regard (see the Last Prophet study in Spanish: -John-el.html). This does not mean that prophesying follows (preaching) the Word and that continue to be prophecy (Word Rema) to those who need revelation of Scripture to their lives.

Week 70 is about to begin, the last Great Prophecy given by Jesus Christ glorified his beloved disciple in Patmos, 98 d. C. hopelessly approaches. We are ready?

Prophecy, Prophet, Apocalyptic.
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