Reflection. Judaizing XXI Century in the Church. By Fabian Massa

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In the study "Saving Freedom in Christ [1]" We saw who ate at a single point to the law, is obliged to fulfill all. But however many of the teachers of the Union of the Assemblies of God as Pastor Jose Vena [2] (among many others), teach that we tie ourselves to the Law of Tithing under the AT lest he fall on us " Malachi curse ".

I'm not arguing that it is the duty of the congregation support the local church, because without money could not do anything. What I argue is link it to A.T and fear of being struck by the curse instead of relating to an act of love as clearly explains Paul (cf. 1 Corinthians 16.2; 2 Corinthians 9.1-3).

One of the arguments of the new Judaizing is that in Hebrews 7 the author of the letter cites as an example that Abraham gave tithes of their victory over the Kings of the East to Melchizedek (Hebrews 7.2) Pastor Joseph Vena justified the maintenance of tithing aT on the basis that "in the time of Abraham the law did not exist and yet the Patriarch decimated, therefore, argued Vena, tithing is not reached by the Act and the act of tithing is to be honest with the Lord ".

But the truth is that almost all the rules of the law were practiced before the Law as sacrifices, fasting, offerings, tithes, the laws of hospitality etc ... however the law when it appears regulates all these events, normalizes and establishes a way to apply them from being punished:

1. With respect to the offerings (food and beverage), The Law states that are for the high priest and the priests of his family (cf. Leviticus 2.3; 2.10; 6.18-18; Numbers 18.19; etc ...)

2. With respect to the tithes, Numbers 18 25 The Lord said to Moses, 26 Say to the Levites: 'When you receive from the Israelites the tithe that I have given you as an inheritance, Offer Me, as a contribution, tithe those diezmos.27 the contribution that you present me they will be counted as if it was wheat or wine winery. 28 So they reserved for me as their contribution, tithe tithe received from the Israelites, and deliver him to the priest Aaron. 29 Of all the gifts they receive, reserved for me a contribution. And I consecrate the best. 30 "When they presented me the best part, they will be taken into account as if wine or grain. 31 What about, you and your families may eat wherever they want. That will be the payment for their ministry in the Tent of Meeting. 32 After introduce the tithe of the tithes, it will no longer sin to eat leftovers.

The Mosaic Law clearly states that Tithing People are for the Levites payment for dealing with the Tabernacle (later the Temple of Jerusalem) and to be able to use it only had first received tithe of the tithes. Today there is the Temple of Jerusalem, and if we build again, we would not have anything to do with him, nor with the Order of Aaron, nor the Levites, not with animal sacrifices. So if there is no temple, or sacrifice, or Levites, the Tithe under the Act can not sustain.

As we saw in several posts, including the NT debunks the Old Covenant, so all that was legislated in law falls: the sacrifices, ritual fasting, ritual washings, circumcision, food exclusions, the Sabbat and the Tithing under the law.

Let's review the changes brought by the N.T .:

1. The sacrificial system was flawed because it did not remove the power of sin over man, because this was to be sacrificed for the mistakes again and again. The perfect sacrifice of the Lamb of God (once and forever) made all other sacrifice prove unnecessary and useless. (Hebrews 10.1)
2. The Priesthood after the Order of Aaron had no reason to be without sacrifices.
3. The Priesthood of Aaron was flawed, because the High Priest committed sins (hence must first sacrifice of atonement for himself (Lev. 16.6). But Jesus as High Priest was cleansed of sin (Hebrews 4:15)

4. The Temple had no reason to be without priests nor sacrifices without the Shekinah Glory Tabernacle was now in the heart of every believer.
5. The rituals of sanctification, purification, washings and fasts no longer made sense because now holiness and righteousness by faith in the work of Christ is reached.
6. The Service of the Levites no sense either and even less after the destruction of the Temple in '70 by General. Tito.
7. "Nonsense" of the Temple and everything in it (sacrifices and liturgies) was practiced, also he removed the sense in the service of the Levites, and the priesthood.
8. If the service and function of the Levites have no reason to be, nor make more sense Tithing, which the Law had been instituted in order to support them financially, as for serving the Temple could not work or they had inheritance among the tribes of Israel (Numbers 18.23, 24). N. T. in the congregation have the responsibility to support the Church with their offerings (1 Corinthians 16.2).
9. With Christ there was a change of law. Hebrews 7.11
10. With Christ there was a change of tribe (Judah Levi). Hebrews 7.12
11. Christ was a change of priesthood, according to the order of Melchizedek instead of Aaron. Hebrews 7.15.
12. Christ brings a change of mind, a true spiritual revolution, ushering in the Dispensation of Grace.

Week 70 is about to begin, the New (or old?) Judaizers still confuse the people by mixing the dispensations with the support of the most influential Christian institutions, such as the Union of the Assemblies of God, who puts "His Doctrine" over the Bible. But Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32). " Know the Scriptures you free of Judaizing Today.

Judaizing XXI Century - Union of the Assemblies of God.
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