Reflection. Statements of Power (without power) and the frustration of Andrew. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

Andrew brings over 25 years in the Church, perhaps the largest and most influential of Argentina. Andrew did there all the steps:

       I went to the School of Life and the School of Leaders.
    II. He participated in the Cell Groups, until he was appointed Group Leader.
 III. Quickly he began to serve the Congregation as Bailiff in the central cults.
  IV. He served for 25 years with 30-odd monthly meetings: group, Leaders, Supervision, Workers, Red, Fellowship of Men, the Ministry of Ushers, plus those extraordinary as Week Holiness, Purification Week and Week by the Holy Dudas.
     V. participated in almost every mission that the Church made in different parts of the country, serving and devoting most of the time the time and money of your holiday.

In short, Andrew did everything at face value what they said. He received the leadership structure guarantees all be blessed, prospered and exalted in this life and in the Hereafter as well. He also believed each and every one of the statements of Power "Anointed One".

The most important thing is perhaps that assured him that by his obedience to the Pastor and his service to God (serving the Congregation) depended on its state of bliss. Andrew then became "unconditional". He had been convinced that their welfare and salvation depended to continue "doing works".

But in early 2014 something happened that did not fit "the Plan": We detected a fulminating cancer, whose complete removal is made difficult by the location of it. Andres became "minister" for the Anointed and his team believed all statements that claimed a "complete Miracle Cure". He went to the surgery and removed 80% of the tumor. He underwent radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

By November 2015 the rest of the tumor that was left inside Andrés grew by 500%. And I could not return to operate and also served chemotherapy and radiation.

Andrew knew he would die soon, that made him sad, he was worried about his wife. In the last months of life he tried, as best he could, to organize things before your departure. He could accept death, it was something I understood that all must go, but he was angry, he learned, the hard way that the proxy statements have no power and that God does not fulfill the things that were said out of his advice.

He suddenly realized that the issue of "Obedience is the Word" and not the system for which worked tore out his time to his family, being "serving" from Monday to Monday, always away from home for 25 years. It was only sedate the pain and wait for his death, which occurred in late January 2016.

When finally died and no longer speak of their case ... .the who knew the story were no longer the same as before ... and for that reason were removed from their "ministries" because of their "lack of faith and commitment to God ". Here's how it works the False Prosperity Gospel, replacing the Truth for a lie.

Week 70 is about to begin, it's back to the old paths.

False Teachers - False doctrines.


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