Reflection. The Bible and Populism. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

* In the parable of the 10Vírgenes [1] we saw that were 10 young people who had the mission of giving birth to the wedding party five were ready and able to meet its target and five no. Although five of them were foolish not to rise to the occasion and were useless before serving anyway they asked the Bridegroom that let them enter the party. But the Bridegroom, because they were not prepared as they should, decided to leave them out.
In the study we saw that the 10 virgins represent the church, where some are walking according to Scripture, constantly preparing and others wasting time. When the time comes everyone will want to come, but those who are not ready, stand outside the Kingdom.

On the * parable of the 10 Talentos [2], we saw the unprofitable servant, who had received a huge capital, equivalent to the sum of the salaries of 20 years of a worker, instead of doing something useful with the money, just do not He did nothing. Useless and worthless, this servant was sentenced to be outside the Kingdom, and also his talent was given to the best produced.

Latin America is immersed in the cheap populism, mass politics where it levels down, where confused to make a fair distribution of resources "social justice", a sort of claim practices Robin Hood: bring them out to those backbreaking work honestly to give them what is necessary for their families to give to those who do not want to work or effort.

A populism that also extends to education: They indiscriminately approve all students, whether or not know. The same happens in the Bible schools of the Union of the Assemblies of God, a sign that what happens in the world, has also penetrated the Church.

This policy "Nac & Pop" (National and Popular [3]) that has impoverished our countries and destroyed the entire economic system and the morale of our nations, bringing ruin and poverty "For All", also infiltrates the church where the pastors of Prosperity preach a Nac & Pop Gospel: no matter you do not understand anything and therefore walk out of the "Road", if you attend church services and group meetings (although you do for the last 38 years and do not understand anything) and tithes and offerings (very important) you will be saved because God is Love and see "your heart." But Jesus transmits else in his parables:
Parable of the 10 virgins, the 5 foolish: "If you can not light their own way nor anyone else, useless and useless left out of the party."
Parable of the 10 talents, evil servant: "Not to have made the slightest effort to give a fruit of talent received, stay out of the Kingdom"

Week 70 is about to begin at any time. You have your lamp that can light your steps and those of others, remember, also prepare your oil. You have received the Treasury of the Word, not bury it, put it to work so that others may be saved. Remember, Jesus is not a philosophy Nac & Pop.

Gospel vs. Populist Sana Doctrine.

[1] 10-virgins-by.html
[3] National and Popular Nac & Pop phrase that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner defined his populism.


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