Reflection Christians and "snake oil". By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

Before the Jesuits implement their Santas evangelistic campaigns or Extermination in Las Indias newly discovered, Spanish settlers had dealings with the native inhabitants and exchanged them their useless stained glass pieces of pure gold and polished silver, there comes the phrase "Change by mirrors Colors" which means giving something of little value for something valuable. Such attitudes survive in the collective memory of our people in South America, known as "lively Creole" trying to make the most of the other giving little or nothing in return.

This is tucked into the collective subconscious and manifests all the time: Social demands for free education, both secular as well as within the Church. Please understand that NO NOTHING FREE, what you. Are often without even saying thank you, somebody paid, invested time, effort, materials, money and labor.
So those who just make efforts for themselves and almost never for others are offended if someone offers to give a workshop, seminar, concert, recital, Cycle Study Material Studies or payments.

Usually, not always, they are the same that are handled with a cell of U $ S 800 and the same Bible RV60 without matches or notes given to her by her grandmother the day that made the Prayer of Faith 35 years earlier.

Usually, not always, they are the same who plan their holidays but never consider investing $ 1.00 to buy a dictionary or Text Study.

Usually, not always, they are the ones who spend long hours of worship singing that "I want to know more about Ti" but then make no effort to put it into practice.

They want to give their "colored mirrors" but it is not: Because you're not going to know more about God without investing time, effort and money. Money? Yes, because books cost, the courses cost and time spent studying is removed at halftime or production. That is why they progress, both in the World Secular as in Christianity are the least, those who understand the need to:

  • Give to receive
  • Invest time, effort and money to accomplish anything: a career, a profession, a seminar on sport, a family, a church, etc ...
  • Those who only seek to educate themselves for free, without even putting $ 1, generally do not have access to better jobs, however those who strived to rather pay good school or university, and made the effort to study and approve, are the they have the best wages.

Santas Enough Nonsense, not trying to get anything mirrors Colors teaching, which is one of the most valuable things, both in the Church and secular. Education worth the money.

Week 70 is about to begin and most do not know that it is.

Education worth the money.


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