Reflection. Demagogia spiritual versus the perfect prayer. By Fabian Massa.

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Some brothers of the Church are going through hard times: Loss of family after a bloody disease, others are suffering terminal illnesses or extreme situations, and it is common to be published on social networks posters with messages like this:

If God raised Lazarus gave Eve to Adam, gave victory to David, Leprosy healed the blind, the oil multiplied the widow ... How will he not your miracle? Declares victory !!

But the real problem is in the final sentence: "There is nothing that He does not want to do for those He loves."

Let's see together the following scenario:

In Matthew 26.39 and 42, Jesus knowing that difficult times were coming for him, prayed:
"My father! If possible, pass this cup from me suffering. However, I want your will be done, not mine. "
42 Then Jesus left them a second time and prayed, "My Father! If it is not possible that this cup pass unless I drink it, then thy will be done. "

Jesus submitted to the will of the Father, understanding that what would happen was under his control and ultimately would win. Then he was mocked, insulted, savagely punished again outwit, to insult him and finally crucified him. Does not God love him?

Jesus did not make a Declaration of Power, not rebuked the demons, did not Spiritual Warfare ... He knew he was under the cover of the Father and that nothing would happen outside of His Will. He asked that "that" happen if it was possible, but that God's will be fulfilled, this is the perfect prayer.

There were other biblical characters who passed through serious situations, although surely have a life of prayer, and also would have prayed on their most problematic moment, however this happened:

1. When Paul prayed to the Father for healing of the eyes, the answer was: "My grace is sufficient" that is, be glad to be saved and not ask for more. Does not God love him?

2. Jeremiah ordered him not to take a wife or have children in Jerusalem. (Jeremiah 16.2) Does not God love him?

3. The prophet Ezekiel God told him before removing his wife: 16 "Son of man, in one fell swoop you remove your dearest treasure; however, you should not express any grief at his death. Do not Cry; there are no tears. 17 Groan in silence, but with no regrets by her grave. Do not uncover his head or take off your sandals. Not fulfill the rites used in time of mourning or accept food from friends who come to comfort you. " Does not God love him?

4. In 2 Kings 13:14 the Word that the prophet Elisha died of the disease that afflicted him. Does not God love him?

5. Paul, Peter, James, James, Stephen, and many others were executed. Does God not love them?

Therefore it is necessary to teach the Truth: God will do His perfect will ... sometimes understand and sometimes not ... Our comfort should be your Grace, Salva us beyond our troubles. Teach that all will go well, we only make a Proxy Statement is plainly spiritual demagoguery.

Week 70 is about to start, stop preaching from the pulpit or the messages that do not match Networks Scripture, because that confuses the weakest.

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