Reflection. The Eastern Roman Empire to the Russian Federation. By Fabian Massa.

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Reflection. The Eastern Roman Empire to the Russian Federation. By Fabian Massa.

The Roman Empire, the fourth Beast of Daniel Prophecy was split in 395 B.C. in two parts:


In previous post [1] and we saw this topic. In the present work, I try a little more in detail the evolution of the Eastern Bloc.

Between the centuries III and VIII d. C. Eastern Europe emerged from the Slavs as a recognizable group. Led by the noble warrior class of Vikings and their descendants founded the first state in the East Slavs, Kievan Rus in the ninth century and which, as we saw earlier, was the heiress of the Byzantine Empire, a mutation of the old Eastern Roman Empire adopted Christianity and the Orthodox Church in 988, beginning a synthesis of Byzantine and Slavic cultures of which define Russian culture during the second millennium.

Later Kievan Rus disintegrated into many small feudal states, of which the most powerful was the Principality of Moscow, which became the main force in the Russian reunification process. By the eighteenth century the nation expanded through conquest, annexation and exploration to become the Russian Empire, the third largest empire in history to extend from Poland in the west to the Pacific Ocean and Alaska. Nicholas II (1868-1918) was the last Tsar of Russia, who was beheaded by the Soviet Revolution.

The Soviet Union is the successor of the Russian Empire, was created in December 1922 as the Union of Soviet Republics of Russia, (U.S.S.R.) until its fall to the end of the Cold War in 1991.

The U.S.S.R. and its allied states in Eastern Europe, called Eastern Bloc, were involved in a protracted ideological struggle and world politics since the end of the 2nd World War (1945) against the United States and its allies Western Bloc (The Cold War) ; the USSR finally gave in to the economic problems and internal and external political unrest, coming to an end in 1991 during the government of Mikhail Gorbachev.

After that, the Russian Federation assumed its rights and obligations. Today it has a surface of square kilometers 17,125,246, equivalent to the ninth of the Earth's land, and with great variety of landscapes and natural environments. Its capital is the federal city of Moscow. Russia has established a global power and influence from the times of the Russian Empire, then as the constituent dominant country of the Soviet Union (USSR), the first and largest socialist state constitutionally established and a recognized superpower, and now as the Russian Federation .

As we can see, the old struggle between the Roman Empire of East and West never finished, because their fate is resurgence in the last NWO, as is advertised Bible prophecy.

Week 70 is about to begin. In the shadows the spirit of the 4th Beast continues to operate, waiting for the moment when the Man of Iniquity able to bring together the empire again. Meanwhile, most of the churches continues bottle every Sunday a rich, sweet and easy to digest. The prophecies are ongoing and will be fulfilled, or not understand what. Awake O sleeper !!

NWO, the Eastern Roman Empire, USSR, RUSSIAN FEDERATION.
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