Note. Disciple, according to the dictionary. By Fabian Massa.

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The word disciple derives etymologically from the Latin "discipulus", which in turn from "discere" meaning to learn. A disciple is a student, it is one of the essential terms of the teacher-student duo.

Disciple is each of the followers of the founder of a school teacher, especially of a philosophical school, artistic school or school of religious thought. A disciple may be linked to a particular current or school while living in post times experienced by the teacher.

The disciple longs to learn. Ergo, someone who does not want to learn anything, that is, who makes no effort or show genuine interest in learning, is not a disciple.
Jesus said, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19 NIV).
The purpose of the Church then, is to form disciples of Christ. Not to music, skate art teaching or doing recitals. The disciples do as Jesus the Master, can give an instruction to form new disciples. If 90% of a congregation in 30 years learned nothing, not he can put in this category.

The theme is universal, most of the churches are in this crisis. The big difference is made by shepherds, pudiéndolos divided into two groups:

to. Those who struggle to change this, teaching and exhorting the congregation. Their congregations at Gral. Are small, because there they do not want to learn feel uncomfortable.

b. Those who decided to be an excellent business take advantage of the ignorance of the people, promote it and create a religious system that personality cult pastor, who becomes the "Anointed One". These congregations sometimes grow into Mega Churches, because people hear what they want to hear: Words of Power, positive statements, Blessings ordered by the mouth of the Anointed, that God (the god of them, with lower case) must necessarily comply. These usually are the "Blessed" economically ... .for the simple reason that made merchandise ignorant of the Word (2 Peter 2: 3-5).

Week 70 is about to begin, only that they are on the road will pass. The rest will stay outside. We are ready?

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