Reflection. Meritocracy: Raisin in life, not only on the right or left. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

THE SILVER The government of María Eugenia Vidal (Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) decided to change the regime grades in primary school and reinstating the postponements for students of 4th to 6th grade containing notes of 1 , 2 and 3 points. In addition, he sets the "poor" or "not yet satisfactory" for children from 1st to 3rd grade that do not meet the objectives. [1] rating

The comments did not expect:

to. 49% of the gap Nac & Pop (National and Popular) secular said: 'The Fascist Right wants to stigmatize our children !!

b. 50% of the same political leanings of the Evangelical Church said: "It is not Christian discriminate and shame the humble"

c. Both Christians and non-Christians agreed: Meritocracy (the philosophy that promotes and rewards those who have more merit) is the Devil.

But meritocracy is neither right nor left, is people with common sense. To sustain this position give some examples:

to. Singles match vs. family comes Singles, where we put Carlos who is chubby and can not run more than 10 meters? In the bow, obviously. And 10? George put it to run all the 90 minutes that where it says the eye, put the ball. Ladies & Gentlemen, this  is meritocracy.

b. Master of Church Music: You must choose a singer for the Sunday service and chooses Marta who sings like the angels. This fact, choose to Marta singing beautiful and not Pepa, Maria and Juana, who do not like, it is also a criterion based on meritocracy.

c. At the prom, José brings to dance Matilda, because she is the best dancer and she likes. Meritocracy.

d. In the factory: You have to choose a foreman, the owner chooses the most knowledgeable. Meritocracy.

and. In the Church: Pastor wants to raise new workers, and choose those with better evidence and more knowledge. Meritocracy.

Meritocracy is common sense, because nobody chooses the least able to do something. A untrained they should be given the opportunity, the media and education so they can improve and be useful to themselves and society. This is an inclusive policy: Teach them how to fish.
Instead give them fish is a populist policy that become useless for life.


Meritocracy - Populism - Common Sense.


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