Reflection. The purpose of the prophetic message. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

The purpose of the prophetic message is simple, announce what is to come. Prophecies can be divided into three groups:

1. prophesying the Messiah and the circumstances of his coming, ministry, scope, character, family, political and economic environment, time of arrival and even his name.
2. speaking the rapture of the Church.
3. Millennium speaking of Christ.

In the Old Testament are already present these three groups, in the following passage from Isaiah 11 (NIV), may be the three prophecies together:
1 From the stump of Jesse a shoot will spring; an offshoot born from its roots. (Jesus was a direct descendant of Jesse)

2 Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him:
    spirit of wisdom and understanding,
    spirit of counsel and might,
    the spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord.

3 He will delight in the fear of the Lord;

not judge by appearances,
    or decide by what he hears say,
4 But judge with justice for the underdog,
    and will give a fair ruling
    in favor of the poor of the earth. (So ​​far prophesies about 1 Coming.)

It will destroy the earth with the rod of his mouth; He will slay the wicked with the breath of his lips. (Day of Anger of God)

(Hence the end prophesies about the Millennial Kingdom)
5 Righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins and faithfulness the girdle of his waist.
6 The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,
   the leopard shall lie down with the kid;
and together they will walk the calf and the young lion,
    and a little child shall lead them.
7 cow and the bear,
    their young ones shall lie down together;
    and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.
8 The nursing child will play
    next to the hole of the asp,
and the weaned child shall put his hand
    in the nest of viper.
9 They shall not hurt or destroy
    in all my holy mountain,
because it will overflow the land
    with knowledge of
    as the sea overflows with water.
10 In that day he will raise the root of Jesse
    as a banner of peoples;
to him shall the nations,
    and glorious is the resting place.

The Jews, who knew the letter of the prophecies, failed to relate them to the time they were fulfilling their noses.

The vast majority of Christians today do not know the Scripture. Reason together: If the Jews who knew practically memorized the A.T. They could not realize the time of its fulfillment, how will the Church today, that does not even know the Bible?
But God left all exposed, less the day and exact time of the Rapture and the 2nd Coming. I say because if left many accurate data on what time is and what the signs that time is running out.

So friends, it is time to mature as believers, it is time to seek to understand and live by what God says, because time is running out. Christ is coming soon. I have 55 years and I think in my days He will come to look to the Church.

Week 70 is about to start, stop the light gospel of prosperity, the statements of power, the pursuit of wealth ... are not going to take anything of this world.

Prophetic times, Signals End Times.


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