REFLECTION. WHEN TO FLEE sounds crazy BUT IT IS NOT. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

In Revelation 18.4 the angel had descended from heaven saying to believers of "Babylon" flee from there. Babylon in the context of John's Gospel must be understood as Rome.

So it is very common that in evangelism, it encourages people to flee the Catholic Church (or any other Evangelical No) as soon as possible to join the ranks of evangelism.

Now, for an evangelical suggest that a Catholic is not madness, but sanity.

But because then you think crazy when I tell you to flee from the Neo-Pentecostal Church where they have misrepresented the Gospel of Christ, which have replaced the Word of God through the empty Hillsong songs?

Why do you think crazy go there, when you know positively that the "Anointed" is not so anointed and less so is your son / daughter who wants to give as an inheritance the Mega Church, which more than a "Church" is a machine perfect bill?

Why do you think madness to leave that place of leadership where every week give a nondescript class, kettle and meaningless, that goes against the grain of theology studying in Bible school?

Are you sure it is folly to flee, when mad is to stay at a place where you know they are theologically sectarian: They have their own theology, its own doctrine, its own rules that go against the provisions in Scripture?

Flee for your life of the Union of the Assemblies of God, stop Statements Power of Neo-Pentecostalism, programs Link where pact with money for everything, empty Hillsong, the "ministrations of the Anointed", the cults Power of 2 verses and fulfilling prophesies only if you believe and no wind.

Run for your life, be encouraged to study your Bible and go to a church where you learn to understand Scripture, not where you are now, where people spend 30 years and not know what they are talking about. Find a church where you will not be transformed into merchandise.

Week 70 is about to begin. Do not stay out.

Neo-Pentecostalism - Union of the Assemblies of God - False Doctrine - Babylon


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