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Structural poverty is an emerging concept, where two measurement criteria, the poverty line, which imputes the condition of being poor in the population receiving insufficient income to support the cost of a minimum standard of consumption, combine the second is the approach Unsatisfied Basic Needs (NBI), which describes poverty with her inherent shortcomings, such as housing, nutrition, access to health, education independent of the income indicators.

Chronic or structural poverty refers to poor infrastructure and income [1] ... .. can also be the result of processes of exclusion, segregation or social exclusion.

In many third world countries, the poverty situation is when you can not meet the needs included in the basic food basket or problems of underdevelopment are given [2].

We then have a population may be poor due to lack of sufficient resources for access to a basic consumption. If this population also can not access housing, food, health and safety, we are facing a case of structural poverty, which is most abundant in Third World countries.

When someone is going through a situation of poverty, by special circumstances (lost job, illness, etc ...) he can help supplying that momentary lack of money, or giving you the chance to earn it in a new job.

When poverty is structural, you can not fix with a bag of 5 kg. food and a sentence of 30 seconds: Structural poverty disappears only when repairs or build the social structure and that is done by investing:

1. Time educating people who are poor, because its structure is poverty of thought, therefore education should be not only the intellect but also emotional and spiritual. The People of God spent 40 years (what was considered a generation in that time) in the desert because the old refused to change their structure of thought slave (were in that condition 430 years in Egypt), so God he left in the desert and ushered his descendants to Canaan. It is therefore likely that in extreme cases of structural poverty, it should work for a generation (25 years) so that descendants can enjoy the changes. The current generation must work so that the next will be better.

2. Time preaching the truth to the powerful of the earth, because usually the structurally poor are dominated by a few wealthy families who live like feudal lords. Those feudal lords must be given with the truth, as did Amos and Hosea and not these preachers of Pentecostals Neo pacotilla only distributed candies, blessings and a ridiculous love for the wicked, not engaging in politics "because they are not of this world "and fawning to political and economic power to gain advantages.


By this I conclude that when you go to your church to these campaigns to 2,500 km. your home to "bless the poor" with 5 kg of food, they're doing a more emotional (and ephemeral) or otherwise. What these people need is that they send missionaries teachers to serve them soul Egypt. When I refer to missionaries who are really, that is not neo-Pentecostals clowns of the Union of the Assemblies of God to divide blessings like candy, but men of God what it takes to stand in front of the powerful and exhórtalos in the name of the Lord.
Awake, O, who they slept so honeyed and empty song. Awake, O, and read the true prophets of the Lord, who raised their fists against the oppressors of the poor.

Week 70 is about to start, stop wasting time. Prepare in the Word of the Lord and find a church that focuses on the Word.

Poverty, structural poverty.


[1] Dr. Ana Luz Ramos Soto. - School Director of Economics Research Professor SUA UABJO SIN 1 Level. Credited Evaluator RCEA-05-12350-2007. AREA ECONOMY SOCIAL SCIENCES CONACYT -


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