Reflection. Those who hold the truth are evil. Romans 1.18-24. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

Paul teaches in his Letter to the Romans, Section 1.18-24, that all who stop preaching the Truth (ie Sound Doctrine is the Word of God) are evil.

But most evil are those who know the Scripture, and having received a call and gifts irrevocably (Romans 11.28) to carry out a ministry in the service of the Kingdom, have decided to put them instead of God, idolatrarse themselves, blinded his eyes by the greed and avarice:

"21 True, they knew God but they would not worship him as God or give thanks".
These "Pastors of Prosperity" as it anticipates did Paul: "Instead, they began to invent foolish ideas about God. As a result, the mind was in darkness and confusión.22 they claimed to be wise they became fools but complete.

These "Anointed" worship their own vanity, make their own theology to sustain their despicable practices. They appropriate the Church of Christ and turned it into a den of thieves, in a place of confusion. They have replaced the preaching and teaching of the Word for empty Musical Worship songs. Therefore: "24 .... God gave them up to make all the shameful things they wanted in their hearts".

These perverse "Anointed Neo - Pentecostals" angry at my notes have hacked my website Week 70, from reaching him their congregations Truth and open their eyes, lest something they run out "business".

It is necessary for you. understand Scripture, they can recognize it and perform it. It is also necessary to identify the bad shepherds, these wolves in sheep that make you. Goods. Look for a church where the truth is preached. If there is none, get you that you discovered and brings others in your home. The Church is the gathering of people who seek God and not the building where these charlatans have their Mega Congregations.

It is my hope that perhaps some of these "Anointed" Romans 1.18-24 read in this light, it understands and repents to return to the old way track.

Week 70 is about to begin. Just as you can not cover the sun with your hands, you can not cover the Scripture, although you. Not want, the truth prevails and their congregations and people in general will receive, in one way or another will open. Repent, look where you have fallen and recognize it, so you're safe.

Perverts who hold the truth - Sound Doctrine in Week 70


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