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Tithing comes from the Patriarchal era, like the sacrifices and circumcision. But it is with the Mosaic Law where it legislates.

Numbers 18.8-20 Word states that God first fruits offerings and reserved for the priesthood after the order of Aaron.

Numbers 22.24 Tithe God states that are for the Levites.

In Hebrews 7.12 Scripture teaches that the A.T. It was abolished. The N.T. Priesthood change the law (the Order of Melchizedek replaced Aaron) and therefore change the law. No more blood sacrifices has no sense the Temple of A.T. there is no need for priests or Levites and therefore disappears with them the law of tithing. Maintaining the Church in the N.T should be as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 16.1-2.

The subject of tithing is not a matter of controversy but dispensing. Most pastors have in their mind the Temple of A.T. So the issue of such importance to music (rely on the reform of the cult of King David) when the N.T. the weight is, or should be, in teaching the gospel. Malachi 3.9 exhortation was for the priests and Levites of the Temple (they were not paying the tithe of the tithes - Numbers 18.26) and not for us.

What is certain is that every congregation must financially support their church. It is also true that the function of the church is to teach the Word, which is not expensive. But because:

1. Most pastors want to mount a musical show, a Polivalente Institute (artistic skate, rap, puppets and women's gymnastics) and make social philanthropy (and some live like kings) so is to keep the Church is so expensive. The Pauline Church model is small, autonomous and independent. Quite the opposite of what today wants to impose the Union of the Assemblies of God and the greed of the Mega Anointed (without unction).

2. Most churchgoers prefer a church full of activities, so as to have an excuse for not having to take the only one who really has the Church; Make disciples of Christ. People want to believe that will be saved because it feeds the poor from the railway station, it takes food to the natives of the Chaco Forest and alms to the Emergency Room Medical District. But these are works and will not be saved by them, but to believe and practice the Word, to exercise the priesthood in their homes and doing mercy to his family and neighbors sick or poor. If you want to do charity, sign up for a charity, the Church is to learn to be a Christian and priest of the home.

3. God is familiar, in principle formed the first family and when he came as a man, also chose to live as a family. Our first goal is to be saved and priests of our family (Rev. 1.6)

Week 70 is about to begin, do not stay outside.

Tithing, dispensation of Law, dispensation of grace.


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