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I recently went through my study my good friend Pastor Jeremiah Chest Cold. He had already anticipated his visit for me to share a meal and a good table talk. Once we finished dinner and while enjoying good coffee Jeremiah brought me a gift from his last trip to Colombia, I asked to define how to be a cult.
Jeremiah took a sip and replied

.- It is a good question, I will start by explaining what is not, to finish what it should be:

to. A cult is not a music recital: People confuse worship with songs, but in Scripture we see that worship is dying to self to do the Will of God, which is always perfect and enjoyable.

b. A cult is not a video session: If I'm not in my church to preach for having gone on a trip or for any other reason, preach the co-pastor, the Master of the Church or failing a pastor friend of the House . No way a video of some mine preaching or any other preacher happen. It is disrespectful to people to come to church to pass a video.

c. A cult is not a show to entertain people: The pulpit is to teach the Word of God, to edify the congregation spiritually. Preaching is not to entertain or amuse people making a stand up session, but to make them reflect on what the Lord's will for everyone.

d. A cult is not to promote books or products or recitals.

and. A cult is no place for secular shows like hip hop or contemporary dance, all that can be very good and there are other successful as theaters, conservatories and schools of art spaces.

F. A cult is to honor the Lord, studying His Word, trying to understand his will to implement it in our lives.

.- It is very clear Jeremiah, I fully agree with you. Would like to ask you another question, how should it be for you the liturgy of worship.

.- I understand that worship must be sober, when we preach we are putting our voice to what God said. In my Church opened the service with two or three songs or hymns (this takes about 10 minutes) There are two sisters who sing very nice and a couple of guys that accompany with their guitars, we also have an acoustic bass and a woman doing the percussion with Peruvian Cajon. My Church is small, so the music is acoustic and sounds very nice. Then the preacher prays with the whole congregation and immediately after the sermon, usually expository (the sermon usually takes between 50 and 60 minutes) is given. We work the whole books, if something unusual happened in the week, speaking before starting the cult of the subject, always relating it with Scripture; if the issue is very important and affects the congregation, worship talk about that and the order book for the following week is left. At the end of a sentence is preaching to finish and the musicians play one or two songs (about 10 minutes). any announcement followed if necessary and ends with a prayer. In total, the whole service lasts 70 to 80 minutes, of which 75% is occupied by the Word.
After the service, the entire congregation shares a cup of tea or coffee with a rich thing that the sisters have prepared at home. In the time we shared coffee, people tell me what is happening and if you need a personal interview, ask. In total, people stay in the church about 2 hours. Siblings share coffee and naturally pray one for the needs of others. The cult is a very important moment for the community and really enjoyed.

Jeremiah finished his coffee, prayed together and then went to his old Harley to go home.

Worship according to Jeremiah Chest Cold.

Jeremiah Chest Cold is an imaginary character who borrowed the image of Clint Eastwood.


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