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The manipulation of biblical texts to make them say what they say are a constant in the scene Neo-Pentecostal. I leave here as an example a publication of the 22/08/16 day FACE priest North Zone of the Province of Buenos Aires - Argentina, which depends on the Union of the Assemblies of God. The writing has 3 parts:

1. One day a young man was carrying five loaves and two fishes, he saw a huge crowd of people listening to Jesus, it was too late to buy food, plus two hundred denarii was insufficient, too, were in the desert, far from villages and cities. The young man took the decision to offer their food to Jesus decided what was done with them *.

This text is about feeding the 5,000 (John 6.1-14; Matthew 14.14-21; Luke 9.11 -17) If we go to the Bible we see that the priest has changed the same. In the biblical story, the main character is Jesus, and side the Apostles, of whom only speak in this scene Philip (John 6.5) and Andrew, brother of Peter (John 6.8) who realize there is a boy with five loaves barley and two fish. But the priest puts the young of the loaves and fish as the main character, who assess the situation makes the decision to donate food for Jesus decide to do with them, when in fact the young nor assessed the situation (the disciples did Matthew 14.15), or said anything of the 200 pence (that says Philip in verse 7). Scripture does not say that the boy has given his vianda Jesus for Him to decide something. That is, all wrong.

2. was exposed to criticism, ridicule, rejection and shame? If*.
I was exposed to criticism from whom? Of Jesus? Did Jesus was to embarrass his disciples?

3. The big difference between enjoying a full life or regret a lifetime, lies in the firm decision you make to overcome your fears and fears of failure *. 

Here the priest displays his misunderstanding: He assumes that the young man in question overcame their fears of failure or rejection of Jesus by donating their lunch ....

As you will appreciate, it is not an error of interpretation, but a deliberate manipulation of the text to give a wrong message: You are exalting humanity of the young of the loaves and fishes by about Jesus, to exalt humanity of his disciples with a false message of self-esteem.

Week 70 is about to begin, while dark characters occupy places of leadership and training within the Church. Awake, O, who they slept with such neo-pentecostal manipulation!

Neo Pentecostalism - emotional manipulation


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