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To be or not to be ... is the first line of Hamlet's soliloquy (3rd Act, 1st scene) by William Shakespeare.

To be or not to be ... .A surgeon in an emergency operation, the patient is hovering between life and death ... every second, every heartbeat may be the last. Professional works fast but quiet, no time to think ... cut what should be cut ... does surgeon: "It's surgeon", every movement, every cut was already prepared in thousands of previous cuts, flow study hours , hours of practice, experiences ... all slides the knife edge between life and death ....

To be or not to be ... .the concert is alone on stage, the voices and applause faded, the lights are already low ... and the music flows over the strings of his guitar ... think if sharp or flat ?? No time to think ... she was prepared for this moment for the last 30 years ... it makes no concertmaster, she is Soloist.

To be or not to be ... .the bank has deposited in the account of U $ D1000.000.- Roberts Roberts looks at the screen of your PC and does not think, pick up the phone and call the bank to warn of the error ... no doubt, not Roberts makes honest man, he's honest.

To be or not to be ... In the three examples people had built the profession, art or "right" within your being, the result of study, practice and meditation.
To be a Christian is, is necessary to have incorporated the Word, having practiced and meditated.

The surgeon was not reading the manuals in the operating room and had incorporated the, because at the time study in college and then did all the steps required to be a surgeon.

The same is true of the other two examples. To be a Christian is the same: The Church is to teach the Word, the Church must go to learn the Word, to practice it in our lives, meditate (ie think of it without having to read it, because it is already built) so that when it emerges that need to put it into action urgently, the Word flow into our lives. For us to be Christians.

People are to be ... Claudio Bernardo, Jorge, Gerónimo, Osvaldo, raw and cooked: stop and fill the Church of activities that have nothing to do with forming Christians.

Quit Hip Hop classes, artistic skate, "Seamstress" and leave those "cell groups" managed by "leaders" who know nothing. Leave these meetings and "super-vision" and all that kind pyramidal structure Taper-wear ... The Church is to form priests from home (Revelation 1.6).

As for you, Richard Roe, do not look for a church to activities, for that go to the club, the gym, the conservatory ... Do not seek the Church for the social part (the social part will always be), but to learn the word to be the priest your family needs.

Week 70 is about to begin, to enter the Kingdom must be a Christian.

To be or not to be a Christian.


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