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What is the purpose of preaching the Gospel? People repent and know Jesus as Lord and Savior to be saved.

The difference between being saved or not as unfathomable as Eternity. But many today this seems little, so we have joined preaching the added value of emotional, financial, economic and existentialist plus a good portion of applied psychology. Today evangelists usually have a motivational aspect that outperforms the pastoral and evangelistic.

The point is to encourage the congregation, whose spirit decays by economic difficulties, if late or the exchange rate ahead if the government succeeds more or less in the economic measures (in Argentina is always less) if he wins the Selection national football or any other event.

Preachers up to the platform with a speech by Power, with explosive bombastic statements and decrees that the Lord must, obviously.

They are not interested preach the Truth. The village is so because there is no fear of God in the midst of the Church, and thus even less between the mundane.

Many realize that preaching is false, empty and theological content, at best, and sometimes with a message of false doctrine, however still there, warming his chair without daring to go out and find a good church and if there are to form one.

Preaching is salvation through repentance and the knowledge of the Son of God, to teach simple Scripture and Prophecy, to form priests of his house, to prepare the Lord's people to be ready for his coming.

Leave already do to lift the spirits preach, preach the faith to be lifted. Hope is a result of faith in Christ and not in your power clumsy statements as: "The best is yet to come" and this is your year. "

Nor is psychological advice to neutralize People Toxic * or * Mental untie knots. The sermon is about the news that Christ is coming soon and those who do not believe or understand remain outside.

Week 70 is about to begin at any time. Leave as much pavada Neo-Pentecostal and psychological. Stop encourage the congregation, for that there are clowns and entertainers. Stop idiotizar to church with songs loggerhead, the church is for Word, music for recitals. Quit to teach gymnastics and figure skating, that's what sports clubs and Gyms. Only teach and preach the Word.

False teachers, false gospel, false doctrine.


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