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He arrived Sunday service center, which was developed according to custom. First session of 120 minutes of glorious praise, where the band of the Church sang 4 songs, about 30 minutes each ... .Uds. They say that as long songs, but actually the same are very short, are lengthened because repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat (in spirit) x 120 times each chorus. Then the pastor prayed and Heart Feelings came the highlight of the day: A strong, firm and succulent preaching 10 minutes: 2 verses and a concordance with all the Power. The congregation exploded with so much spiritual food!

Once done almost more importantly, the minister Cash Banker was called to pass the announcements before the final sentence of Feelings.

Cash Banker's brother is the best "Announcer" Feeling Church. Spend "ads" is one of the most important activities after the Praise ... .even more important than the Word, after all, hardly anyone (to say no) recalled that preached the end of the "Cult" instead " the ads "is that not what ... give spiritual (all members, of course) the opportunity to participate in some of the many activities for spiritual growth, and" seed "in the work of the Lord with offerings, some examples:

  1. Brethren, I want to remind you that on Tuesdays from 17.00 to 19.00 pm we have our usual kind of skate, and also want to ask you to work with this ministry that allows us to evangelism on wheels. Servicers brothers, come to receive the offerings please.
  2. Brothers, also note that we are meeting Wednesday Cell Boys, and are forming the Christian Bocce Club, for which it takes a few more dollars ... .all who feels in his heart work, no doubt, the "Christian Club spocking" take many souls to Heaven! Servicers brothers, come to receive the offerings please.
  3. Thursday, as always have the kind of women's gymnastics from 16.00 to 17.00hs where ladies and young ladies can take those annoying extra kilos. 20.00hs 17.00 after the group of Virtuous Women will develop, while accompanying reading the Bible with a delicious tea - party with homemade cakes to recover (more than) the weight in gym class. We are preparing the track "Baile del Caño Christian" and still some dollars, please men, is suitable for their mistresses. Servicers brothers, come to receive the offerings please.
  4. On Friday we we Prayer Meeting 20.20 to 20.30hs and then the Pizza Party of 20.31 to 24.00hs, with Cristiano Bingo, which will raise a few dollars to buy the professional pizza oven. But they can also collaborate now, Perceptors brothers, come to receive the offerings please.
  5. On Saturday night we have the usual "Cult of Youth" for single males under 60 who still live with their parents. We are in need to buy a new set of lights for the church hall remains as close as possible to a night club and we are missing a few dollars. Anyone who feels in his heart to help, please do not hesitate. Servicers brothers, come to receive the offerings please.
  6. Finally brothers, now retired pastor Feeling, remember that according to the custom of the church, are collecting money to change the car for a 0 km. for your next birthday and we need a lot of dollars. Servicers brothers, come to receive the offerings please.

A "Big Church" with members as grown spiritually, has many spiritual activities, as you may have seen, and all that means big money.
I hope you become clear to them, because now collectors brothers go through their homes to receive their gifts, they are not skimpy please !!!
 Week 70 is about to begin, waking you who slept !!

Church - Money - Offerings.


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