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At one point in his speech to the Jewish religious who allegedly believed in Him, Jesus asks: "43 Why do not understand my way of speaking? Because they can not accept my word "[1].

These religious could not understand what Jesus told them, even though He communicated them from within their own culture, as I shared them in previous studies of John: I am the Good Shepherd, I am the Light of the World, I am the Bread of Life, Jesus spoke to them with figures that were them some everyday, other relatives from their religious experience and always using the name God Father revealed to Moses in Exodus 3.14: "I am."

Throughout the Gospel of John Jesus is revealed as the promised Messiah, and they did not want it / they could not receive, because it did not believe and did not understand.
Religious Jews born in the same culture of the Messiah, who spoke the same language and were contemporaries and contemporaries of Him, who knew practically Scripture memory and yet did not understand ... What is left for religious today:
They are not of the same culture and neither know nor expressed an interest in investigating the context of the texts.
Who do not speak their language and do not want to review a Strong dictionary,
Who they do not know the Scriptures and in many cases they have not read never whole, although 40 years ago congregate.
All the effort that can make a pastor from the pulpit or a teacher from the desktop to teach, so that the congregation understands "what Jesus says" crashes into a concrete wall if people expect to receive the ability to think by osmosis, ie learn to think because the pastor or teacher thought: My dear, to learn to think, you should think and for that we must sit down and have fellowship with the Word every day for a while.. Having a relationship with God is to understand how he thinks and speaks, and that's what the study Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, classes and cults. If you. Seek to understand God by a lecture / class / receiving worship once a week, it is very difficult to look at, if not impossible.

If you do not spend time, effort and obviously some money (to buy some study material, a training course, some equipment, etc.) will not get results and sequiarán in the same condition of ignorance that both bothers them and criticize others.

Those who have the opportunity, because you are giving them education, materials, encouragement and freedom to grow. Aprovéchenla.

Week 70 is about to begin. The Kingdom is for the disciples, that is those who believe in addition to seeking to understand without understanding is not a disciple. Simpre Jesus spoke to the disciples showing them all, others left them out. To think. (See Mark 4)

Understand Jesus.

[1] John 8.43 NIV


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