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Relationship [1]
 F. Action and effect of referring or referring (expressing and directing).
Connection, correspondence, of one thing with another.
Correspondence or treatment of one person with another.

There is a relationship between two people when there is a deal and a correspondence. The result of the deal (communicating, speaking and listening to what the other says) is "knowing" the other. Each of the parties will speak and listen in turns, so they will have mutual knowledge.
When a personal relationship is asymmetric, that is to say that the members have different levels or capacities, the following situations occur:
  1. The elder will understand the child, therefore he knows him
  2. The child will learn from the elder, need to know.
  3. Whatever the elder says will be of paramount importance to the child.
  4. Whatever the child says will be especially important to him, since the elder understands it.
  5. The greater will be the giver.
  6. The minor will be dependent on the major.

This scheme is given, for example, in child-father relationships; Little boy - teacher; Child - mother, etc ...
In a relationship with God, the asymmetry rises to the nth degree, then we have:

A. God fully understands man and knows him fully.
B. Man has (recognize it or not) the need to know God.
C. What God says will be of paramount importance to man.
D. What man says will be important for himself, since God encompasses everything.
and. God is the giver.
F. Man is dependent on God.

That is why praying to God to ask for what we need is important to us, (He already knows we need - Matthew 6.32), because in this way we discharge our burden in Him (Matthew 11.28).

Our greatest need is to know Him, to know what He thinks. We know His Thoughts by understanding His Word. By understanding His Word and remaining in it we will be His disciples, we will know the Truth and the Truth will set us free, freeing us from all kinds of slavery or dependence. (John 8: 31-32).

A relationship with God deepens as the person knows and understands their thoughts through Scripture.

If you have been in the Church for 38 years and you do not understand half a verse, you do not have a relationship with God but a religion with a more or less elaborate liturgy and a program of religious activities. I mean, you're almost like 38 years ago: In the middle of nowhere.

Week 70 is about to start, do not stay outside.

Personal relationship with God - Religion.

[1] Vox Encyclopedic Dictionary 1. © 2009 Larousse Editorial, S.L.


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