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1 The wilderness and the wilderness shall rejoice;
The desert will rejoice
And flourish like saffron.

2 He will flourish and rejoice:
He will shout for joy!
He will be given the glory of Lebanon,
And the splendor of Carmel and Sharon.
They will see the glory of the Lord,
The splendor of our God ....

7 The burning sand will become a pond,
The thirsty earth in bubbling springs.
The dens where the jackals were tending
They will be the home of reeds and papyrus. Isaiah 35: 1, 2 and 7 NIV

Today Israel is a garden in the middle of the desert because of:

1. The blessing of God upon the people of Israel, by giving them the wisdom and understanding so that they could carry out the necessary and necessary work to attain the divine promise prophetically given by Isaiah some 2,700 years earlier.

2. Modern techniques of irrigation, special treatment of soils, treatment of seeds and the development of fertilizers carefully elaborated, ultimately the development of intelligent agriculture, fruit of study, research and above all much work.

The Jews of the 21st Century live in a Garden, a result of the efforts of their ancestors since 1948, and to consolidate the territory has demanded many sacrifices, a lot of courage, a lot of faith and many lives: The War of Liberation 1948-1949, The War of The Six Days of 1967 and the War of Yom Kippur 1973. And if there was the prophecy on the part of the Lord for Israel to be a garden, that was only achieved with work, study, work, research, investment, patience, Insistence, work, sacrifice, work and more work.

Today I spoke with a young pastor who has opened a small work in a dry area, both spiritually and resource. Literally a "Desert" in the economic, lacking everything: work, health, education, media, money, hope and dreams. My message to him was this Word, the transformation of the Dry into a Garden comes with faith in God, and with well-directed perspiration: Study, research, effort, and well-spent economic resources.

The Jews believed the prophecy, and worked to make it a reality, God prospered them in their effort and had the fruit of their work. All people who are in a Desert must follow the same steps. Every pastor who guides the people of God must show him the way of faith and the demonstration of that faith is the action, everything else is charlatanism.

Those who claim to have faith and hope:

A change without change; An improvement without personal improvement, having wisdom without ever grasping a book, reaching understanding without learning to read first, waiting for someone to do something for them, complaining that things are wrong or simply criticizing everyone and continue on The comfort of their mediocrity, waiting for the blessing without making the slightest effort, do not really have faith and will not receive anything.

Faith shows itself to be actuating, let us put our faith in motion.

The War of the Liberation of Israel, The War of the Six Days, War of the Yom Kippur.

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