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There is an abyss in every sense, economic, financial, human, scientific, technological, cultural, social, educational, health, military, human, between:

1. North and South.
2. East and West.
3. Not Latinos and Latinos.

But this is not only at the World level, but also at local and everyday level, speaking of Argentina, the possibilities of:

1. A young man living in the North Zone of the City of Buenos Aires has many more possibilities than another young man in the Southern Conurbation.

2. A young man from the rich northern part of Greater Buenos Aires is more likely than another young man to live in the Grand Rosary.

3. A young man from Puerto Madero (a VIP neighborhood in the City of Buenos Aires) has infinitely more possibilities than another young man living in Villa 31, although both towns are less than 2 km away, including years Light as to opportunities to have a quality, good and happy life.

The problem is that every time the difference is bigger and soon it will become insurmountable. Those who have access to the greatest and best resources, will be within the Great Leap that will give the technology in communication, education, training. They will have access to the "World to Come":

1. Practically free access to information and training. An example: I recently purchased an e-reader tablet, a small computer of less than 250 gr. With a cost of less than U $ D 170 and with a capacity to store more than 1,000 books, more almost unlimited space in the Cloud, with access to the best World libraries, with many free study books and there are To buy, at a cost equivalent to 15% of what costs the same paper book.

2. While a young person trained and trained in the use of digital equipment and computing as part of their standard training, being able to access University careers online, non-presential, with tutorial classes via Internet; Another young person without that training and would have to move enormous distances to do a face-to-face course (spending a lot of time and money on travel expenses) and would have to pay 6.5 times more expensive study materials for needing them on physical (paper) More likely it can not form.

3. The young trained will access the best jobs and will be within the system, banking, with access to credit and the health system. You can build a family and train your children in "image and likeness," so that they also achieve success.

4. The young person without training, today has access to the worst jobs, (quasi-slave labor) may work outside the system, ie: unbanked, without access to health or credit. It will also constitute a family and will form its children to its "Image and likeness", that is to say another generation of marginalized people.

5. When the technology finishes hitting the big jump that will involve the 5G from 2018, the "Crack" will be as deep as the Trench of the Marianas.

This is what is called a "Vicious Circle" and the only way to break it is with education and taking advantage of the current moment: Access to Technology, increasingly simple, is what can level the balance a little better in favor of poor. The challenge today is to learn to use the technological tools to access training that allows those who are at the edge of the Social System, definitely get inside the productive apparatus.

All this scenario, is part of the End Times, so I write about this. If you are Pastor of a poor Congregation or in the limit (socially speaking) of being outside the System, you can not serve it well only with good intentions, good wishes, and your prayers; If they do not understand that they need (for a matter of survival) to make a change of mentality, they will not achieve it.

Week 70 is on the doorstep, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse come galloping fast and will arrive to stay. All preaching that does not contemplate the urgency of change, of accompanying good wishes and prayer with education and action, will be useless.



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