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In the movie TERMINATOR of 1984, Skynet artificial intelligence took control of US nuclear weapons and unleashed a plan of extermination against the human race.

*This week, a system created by Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory has terrorized the social network*. A few days after its launch, these chatbots began to talk among themselves in an unintelligible language for their developers.

Chatbots are software that can talk to humans and other computers to perform tasks, such as setting a calendar date or recommending a restaurant.

The algorithm had been programmed to carry out effective and practical conversations in English, but they made a decision independently of the programmed, that is to say own: To generate to develop its own language to carry out its task of the best possible way.

This episode once again underlies the role and effectiveness of artificial intelligence and machine learning, two technological pillars today. Such is the controversy on these subjects that even confronted media to Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

What if instead of Face had been the New York Metro system, or the cooling system of a nuclear power plant?

Recall that many of the science fiction films ended up being "prophetic." This is a way Science will advance, as Daniel 12.4 anticipates.

THE SUBSTATION OF THE 2017 MACHINES? BY FABIAN MASSA.Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, chabots, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics.


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The TOMO 1 de TESOROSdeSABIDURIA.COM & LASEMANA70.COM  is available for purchase in e-book in Spanish in the following platforms

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