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"Moses needed an encounter with the fire. To provoke a revival. Exodus 3". Daniel Kolenda.
Daniel Kolenda, is an evangelist who currently lives, according to his brief biography [1], in Tampa Bay, USA. The phrase with which I begin this note, belongs to Kolenda in the framework of a conference that gave a three - day event in the largest Neo - Pentecostal Church in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, since August 30, 17 to 01/09/17.

According to Kolenda, Moses needed an encounter with the fire. To provoke a revival. Exodus 3.

While it is true that Moses had an encounter with God manifested in the bush that did not burn (Exodus 3,4-22), there was never a "Revival":

1. For lack of "Revival" a trip that should have lasted 40 days, lasted 40 years.

2. In Numbers 14.12 because of the rebellion of the people, God decides to exterminate them all and give Moses a new people. 14.13-19 Moses intercedes for them. 14,20-24 God then decides to exterminate all the generation that came out of Egypt, except Joshua and Caleb. Only children under the age of 21 would enter the "Promised Land"

3. The Jews, despite seeing the Day cloud, the pillar of fire at night, the Manna, the crossing of the Red Sea, etc ... However they continued to worship their gods and carry their idols (Amos 5.26).

4. To this must be added that in 40 years, Moses only succeeded in forming a disciple (Joshua). From all this it follows that there was no "Revival". In Exodus we see the failure (because of the man) of A. T. that made it necessary for God Himself to come as man in Jesus Christ to save man. That is why Paul clearly states that we are, or rather, we should all be "competent ministers of the New Covenant" (2 Corinthians 3: 6), something that Kolenda does not seem to have understood since he is not very competent in his biblical knowledge.

Week 70 is about to begin, meanwhile, in the "Great Neo-Pentecostal Temples", the "False Teachers" continue to sell "Rotten Fish" which the "False Disciples" continue to buy.

False Teachers, False Disciples, Rotten Fish, Daniel Kolenda.


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