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Hurricane Irma is the first major hurricane that has developed in the eastern Atlantic (east of 35 ° W) since Hurricane Julia formed in the 2010 season. Irma developed on August 30 near the Cape Islands Green from a tropical wave that had shifted off the west coast of Africa two days earlier. On September 4 Irma became a Category 5 hurricane with winds of 187 mph (300 km / h), making it the Atlantic's strongest hurricane since Felix of the 2007 season. Https: //es.wikipedia .org / wiki / Hurac% C3% A1n_Irma

"Irma" is, to define it quickly and graphically, a monster, a hurricane of class 5. Against which the "Spirituals" of the World are coming together to face it and dissolve it. For example, this FACE publication of 9/8/17:
"I ask the one who is reading that every time he hears or reads in the news about Hurricane Irma, that he does a positive visualization. Let the storm be seen losing its intensity and moving in the middle of the ocean and disappearing. As Louise Hay said. "Our thoughts materialize" Let's use that energy of our intention to calm the force of nature. "

Here the Guru asks her followers (judging by the comments, about four in the whole world) to "visualize" Irma disappearing in the Ocean ... quoting a famous writer of Self-Help and Positive Thinking that materializes ... A real delirium trémens!

In front of these pagan minds we have Profetiza Ana Mendez, "supposedly Christian" (although in reality she is an old witch), who in a video reprimands to Hurricane Patricia and orders him to lose strength and to disappear ... in this case we can see that it replaces the "Visualization" by a direct verbal order, that "Patricia" will have no choice but to obey ...

Other "Anointed" choose to "Declare" that Irma weakens and leaves, leaves, leaves ... Others by "Decree" Irma dissolve, dissolve, dissolve ....

Some understand that there is a Principality of Evil that works for Irma to be a reality, and then they rebuke Satan, they are ignoring that the "Fallen Angel" can do nothing without God's permission, so if Satan works with him permission of the Lord, can anyone rebuke him, without opposing the will of God?

On the other hand, it seems that "Irma" suffers from a serious problem of deafness, because she does not listen to such Spiritual Pastors, Anointed and Prophets. And it also seems immune to the "Visualizations" of the Miami International Guru and his four friends.

Beyond that, the interesting thing is to see that there is no difference between the New Age Guru, the "Prophesy of Jehovah Ana Méndez" and the Anointed of Neo-Pentecostalism: We can appreciate that none of them has occurred to us that God allows, who are they to order otherwise. Would it not be wiser to ask God's forgiveness for sins, to ask for mercy, and to offer an act of true repentance? That would be what a true Man of God would minister, instead of the arrogance (and the idiocy) of wanting to "dissolve" a Monster like Irma with a "You leave, you leave and you leave" ommmmmmm ... "

The 21st Century has arrived, Week 70 is on the doorstep and we can see that there is no difference between the "Christians of the Gospel of Prosperity" (the vast majority), New Age Witches and Gnostics both those who say Christians (and they are not) as those who are not and do not say it. Awake you, the one who sleeps and also you, who sleep them.


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