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10.1-5 The Apostle clarifies to the Corinthians that sometimes "being part" does not guarantee reaching the goal: All the Israelites had been under the Shekinah (the manifestation of God in the column of Smoke or Cloud over the Tabernacle in the desert ), and all crossed the Red Sea, a type of baptism in the waters and in the Spirit, all ate the Manna, a type of Christ, "The Bread that comes from Heaven" and drank from the Rock from which the water flowed (Jesus the "Water of Life"), however warns Paul: "5 But of the most of them God was not pleased; therefore they were prostrate in the desert. "

In the same way, not all those who attend the Church every Sunday, who sing the praises and participate in the Lord's Supper are saved, most will remain in the "Desert", that is, they will not reach Heaven. why? Because they have not been born again, they continue living in their naturalness, without being able to understand or believe their freedom in Christ.

10.6-8 Paul taking as reference what happened in the Desert (Exodus 32) explains that the consequences of idolatry and "festivals" and debauchery associated with it (eating and drinking in excess and fornication, actions of the Bacchanalia past and present) are a warning to generations of all time. Today is the same, do not many "Christians" from Festivals to pagan deities such as Haloween, the Carnivals (Festival a Baal [1]) and also participate in the Olympics (Festival in honor of the Greek gods of Olympus) participate?

10.9-12 Paul quotes Numbers 21.4-9 when the Israelites murmured against God and against Moses and complained about having to wander in the wilderness. They repented and then Moses made a bronze serpent and placed it on top of a stick, so that everyone who was bitten, when looking at the serpent lived (a type of Jesus, which made sin was put on high in a tree and everyone who looks to believe in Him, is saved - John 3.14). This passage is misused by many Ministers to silence any criticism of their Ministry or their actions. Paul ends by mentioning: "12 So, the one who thinks he is firm, see that he does not fall", exhorting us to be always alert and watch our steps.

Idolatry, Bacchanalia, Haloween, Carnival, Olympics, orgies, sexual immorality.

[1] Baal is one of the many names that Satan receives in different cultures and civilizations. Thus Baal was the supreme god worshiped in ancient Canaan and Phenicia. It reflects, for example, the ceremonies that the Canaanites did in honor of this god. They worshiped him with holocausts of animals and people, preferably babies or children a few months old Deuteronomy 18: 9-10. Another form of worship was to practice all kinds of immorality, delights and perverse pleasures Leviticus 20: 1-27. In essence it was to give the Devil (Baal) the bodies (the flesh) either in burnt sacrifices or in vile and despicable actions. From these practices comes the name composed of "Meat for Baal" this is his true spiritual name that perfectly reflects the essence of this Feast-Worship in honor of Satan. https://joselopez1959.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/el-carnaval/

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