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In this section, Paul continues with the theme of idolatry. And he says: "14 Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry."

One can not be a participant in the Table of the Lord (the cult and the Holy Supper, 10.16 and 21) and at the same time participate in idolatry, and to participate in the worship of idols is to have communion with the demons (10.19-20).
23 Everything is lawful for me, but not everything is good; everything is lawful, but not everything builds. 24 No one seeks his own good, but that of the other.
We can eat everything that is served at the table, giving thanks to God, and for that reason the food is sanctified, but 28 But if someone says to you: This was sacrificed to idols; do not eat it, because of the one who declared it, and for reasons of conscience; for the Lord is the earth and its fullness. We should not eat, not for ourselves, but for the other who watches us, so as not to trip our brother.

The case is to identify what is idolatry, beyond the obvious that are the images, the statuettes. But there are other idols that are less obvious. There are people who make a Version an idol in itself, and put it above the Word itself.

Others make a cult to the personality of their Pastor, something that is above the Truth, do not consider to verify if what the "Anointed" said is in line with the Scripture, but consider that as "He Declared it" is Holy Word This is also idolatry.

Some put above the Christian way of living life, social activities within the four walls of the Church and this is also idolatry.

And it is very common within charismatic movements to put Music and songs above the Word of God, and this is also idolatry.

In short, any means for the knowledge of God that becomes an end in itself is idolatry.
That is why it is good to remember Paul's recommendation: "14 Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry."

Idolatry, hidden idols.

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