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In this chapter Paul defends his Apostolate in front of those who do not recognize him (9.1-2) According to what he himself says, he was being mistreated and accused of "abusing the Corinthians" for receiving lodging, food and a per diem to be able to follow their path (9.3-4) when Pablo and Bernabé were being self-sufficient with their "secular" jobs, that is, they financed out of pocket their "Ministries".
However, they had the right to be financially supported by the Congregations, especially by that of Corinth, which was economically rich (9.7-12). However, it did not interest Paul to exercise that right, if it were a hindrance to evangelization (9.12b-18).

Paul put his Ministry before his personal interests, "he spent-literally speaking" in terms of the Kingdom of God (9.19-23).

Paul encourages them to be active in the gospel, to be truly Christian. (9.24-27)
It is interesting to read verse 12 between lines: "If others are entitled to this sustenance from you, will not we still have it?" The Corinthians were sustaining their pastors, those who had made them a problematic Congregation (divisions). , envy, ministerial jealousy, vainglory, lawsuits, sexual immorality, idolatry, theological ignorance, marital problems, sectarianism) carnal and ignorant, and as we will see in chapter 13, also lack of love. But they did not want to recognize Paul as an ecclesiastical authority or receive doctrine from him, (in reality they were not interested in receiving doctrine from anyone) if they wanted to remain in their "evangelical religiosity" instead.

As it happens today, congregations have no problem leaving their money in the storehouse to which they promise "El Oro y el Moro", as long as they do not go with theology or doctrine, nor require a practical knowledge of Scripture and a real commitment to the Christian life.

 If instead they are willing to give a lot of money in exchange for appeasing their guilt, to calm their fears, and receive words of encouragement, encouragement, promises of prosperity, health, a future rosy and have "Glorious Ministries" without need to know absolutely nothing. Those who want to go with the Word of God, should be willing, like Pablo, to work secularly and solve their "Ministry" practically out of their own pockets, to be questioned, rejected, not recognized, and still persecuted and disowned.

Religiosity, Doctrine, Theology.

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