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The great secret to have a "Big Church" and "fervent" is to keep it entertained, distracted in multiple activities, it does not matter that they are redundant, useless, or even ridiculous: Whenever it is announced in a stiff and sanctimonious way it will have the effect wanted.

In the New Post * COVENANT VS RELIGION [1] I already advance some of this. Thus we have "Holy Activities 100% useless" as being:

1. THE WEEK OF LIBERATION: That Christ has freed us from the Imperium of Sin and Death (Romans 6.22, 8.2) and has given us Eternal Life. But the Work of Christ on the Cross for the Incompetent Ministers of the New Covenant is obviously not enough, that is why they organize this activity at least once a year.

2. THE WEEK OF CONSECRATION: In many passages, prophets and apostles identify or are designated as "Servants of God" (2 Corinthians 4.5, Revelation 10.7, etc ...) To be Servants of God is to be consecrated to the service of the Most High . There are not many options, either we are servants of Christ or servants of sin (Satan). In a real conversion, one goes from serving the Kingdom of Sin to the Kingdom of God. The fact of repeating this activity every year is the proof that they never finish understanding that they are already servants of God, or at least they should be.

3. THE WEEK OF FASTING AND PRAYER and variants. (See Usually the excuse for fasting is to break the Oppression Chains, the question is do not we did Christ already free? And if so, if Christ could not free you, will you be free to stop eating a couple of meals a day? Will the demons flee from you because your stomach is empty?

4. There are more activities that add to these, and all have the purpose of filling the Church with activities, without the congregation understanding that they are mere Dead and sterile Works that are always an opportunity to demand tithes and to ask for offering after offering.

The fact that the congregation joins without thinking, makes evident the degree of ignorance that they have of the Scriptures and the ruinous way in which they are manipulated, depleted and kept submitted to a pastoral government that only seeks to live on them without working.

Therefore, wake up you, the one who slept and also you who sleep and the fugitives, because Week 70 is at the doors and both the Bad Masters and the Foolish Servants will be outside, where will be the weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 25.30)


Incompetent Ministers of the New Covenant; Lambs of God; Holy activities 100% useless.


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The TOMO 1 de TESOROSdeSABIDURIA.COM & LASEMANA70.COM  is available for purchase in e-book in Spanish in the following platforms

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